How to connect in small municipalities not reached by optical fiber? Here’s what you need for an alternative unlimited connection

Come connettersi nei piccoli comuni non raggiunti dalla fibra ottica? Ecco cosa serve per una connessione illimitata alternativa thumbnail

What are the alternatives to connect from home in territories not reached by cable ultra-broadband? The survey conducted by e analyzes alternative technologies to fiber, such as ADSL, FWA and mobile and the related costs.

How much do alternatives to fiber optics cost in small municipalities

For an unlimited connection you need at least 24.28 euros per month. But by relying on mobile offers, it is possible to satisfy the average need for Giga from a fixed network with a cost of 16.98 euros per month.

The optical fiber continues its diffusion process on the Italian territory. However, there are still many localities, often small municipalities in the countryside or in the mountains, which still do not have this technology.

L’Observatory in collaboration with analysed, during the month of December, the most interesting offers of the moment to navigate in the absence of FTTH optical fiber and even in the absence of FTTC copper mixed fiber.

next toADSL and to technology FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), it is possible, in fact, to consider the mobile phone deals. They guarantee performance comparable to a fixed connection, surfing in 4G o in 5G or relying on both standards.

Finally, the study takes into consideration the characteristics of the mobile offers of the moment able to satisfy the total GB per month medium secured by a fixed connection. Here are all the solutions and their prices.

This analysis is based on the average package prices published on the comparator home Internet offers. The first connection technology examined by the study is ADSL. On average, the ADSL offers guarantee an unlimited connection (with a maximum download speed of 20 Mbps). All for an expense of 28.48 euros per monthto which to add 8.56 euros for initial activation. A cheaper solution is represented by connections wireless per casa.

The FWA offer, in fact, allow you to get an unlimited connection (at a maximum download speed of 245 Mbps). They support an average expenditure of 24.28 euros per month, to which to add, on average, 12 euros for activation. Consequently, to create an unlimited connection for the home, when the fiber is not available, it is necessary to take into account a cost exceeding 24 euros per month.

How to find the best offer in a few steps

Before changing operator it is advisable to always carefully read the conditions of the offer. In this way the best option is identified considering both the costs and the characteristics. An excellent aid to review the rates on the market is represented by the tool comparison of Internet home promotions of

But also from offers comparator The free and impartial online comparison is the right way to save by activating the most advantageous and complete offer based on your needs.