How to connect the Stadia Controller wirelessly to other platforms

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After the news that Google will shut down Stadia In January 2023, fans of the service quickly moved to find new ways to save the controller from the sad fate of becoming electronic junk. How? Connecting it wirelessly to other systems. We know well that the controller Stadia can already be used with PCs, Macs and smartphones via a wired connection. But the connection via Bluetooh is limited to the Stadia platform alone – which will soon no longer exist -. But this hasn’t stopped fans from finding alternative solutions, quite the contrary.

Stadia: The controller is linked to other platforms by fans of the platform

Over the past few days, Stadia fans have put their wits to good use to figure out how to connect the Stadia Controller wirelessly to other platforms. For example, one of the methods developed involves the use of a Android device as a transmitter. Last year the YouTuber LateStageTech demonstrated how its app, Wiredless Pro, allows users to connect wired controllers to an Android device, which then wirelessly sends the signal to a PC. And now the YouTuber Benjaninja has shown that this method works with Stadia controllers, albeit with some caveats. In fact, in his demonstration, none of the controller’s trigger buttons were recognized, which it could limit the number of games supported by this method.

Another connection method was developed by the engineer Parth Shah, although only available on PC. As reported by Digital Trends, Shah proposes to install Python 3 on your PC e download version 1.2.0 of his software from GitHub. Following the engineer’s guidance, you can download the ZIP file and run the file named server.exe. A Stadia icon will now appear in the PC system tray, providing a URL to type into the browser on the Android device connected to the Stadia Controller. Again let’s talk about a method that requires a wired connection from the Stadia Controller to an Android device. But this time the buttons seem to work, despite what Benjaninja proposed.

After the announcement of the closure of Stadia, some users have asked Google to open the Bluetooth features integrated into the controller to simplify connection to other platforms. Apparently, the tech giant has taken these requests seriously. And now he’s looking into a possible firmware update to make the controller wireless connection possible. In the meantime, remember that the wired connection prevents the Stadia controller from becoming electronic waste.