How to decorate your house with Christmas lights

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Twinkly is a world leader in the smart lighting sector and is preparing to light up the holidays with a vast range of Christmas decorations. From warm indoor Christmas tree lighting effects to spectacular outdoor installations, there’s a Twinkly product. In the 2023 Christmas season, Twinkly presents the offers of Plus line along with the new string lights LED C9 with a kaleidoscopic and multi-faceted effect, adding a hint of Twinkly magic to the classic Christmas charm.

Christmas offers: Twinkly Plus has an edge

Twinkly Plus it is designed for i “Prosumers” who want to create large, stunning outdoor installations with Twinkly lights. The Plus line is the perfect solution for unlimited creativity and to create the most magical and limitless Christmas light effect. The new Twinkly Plus line includes a Plus Controller and five of Twinkly’s most popular products: Icicle, Strings, Dots, Curtain e S14.

Il Controller Plus a 4 doors can accommodate four sets of Twinkly Plus lights and supports up to 1000 smart LEDs, with over 16 million colors and app-controlled functionality. Create professional-level lighting effects with ease.

With an IP65 certified weatherproof design, the Plus line is designed for outdoor use and ensures durability season after season. The controller can connect via WiFi or Ethernet cable, offering speed, convenience and stability. For even larger installations, Plus Controllers can be paired via the Twinkly app, allowing for an infinite number of LEDs.

Price and availability

The Plus Twinkly Controller costs €179.99, the Plus Dots 250 LEDs €109.99, the Plus S14 40 Bulbs €199.99, the Plus String 250 LEDs €159.99, the Plus Icicle 250 LEDs €199.99 and Plus Curtain 250 LED €169.99, while the Plus Bundle is on sale at the recommended retail price of €999.99.

How to decorate your house with Christmas lights: Twinkly’s offers for Christmas 2023

Twinkly’s C9 lights for Christmas offers

Create a festive atmosphere with traditional pine cone lights reimagined with Twinkly technology. The luci a LED C9 faceted are designed to decorate domestic environments with a mix of tradition and innovation. C9 LED string lights feature Twinkly’s patented smart lighting technology to create even more charming Christmas displays.

How to decorate your house with Christmas lights: Price and availability

Available on the official website and at partner retailers, the C9 lights are available in two lengths, 12 or 24 metres, at the recommended retail price of €99.99 for the 12 meter and 40 LED model, while the 24 meter and 80 LED is offered at the recommended retail price of €189.99.

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