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How to dress like Captain Price from Call of Duty

Call of Dutyone of the most popular video games in the world among action enthusiasts, has launched a surprising fashion initiative in collaboration with Courtney Wheelerthe talented costume designer who created the looks of The Bear series.

The goal is to transfer the unique and unmistakable style of Captain John Price into everyday clothing. His look, inspired by the uniform and accessories of the British Army, has become a symbol of strength, courage and determination.

Many players, in fact, have expressed the desire to imitate Captain Price’s style, searching on the internet and on social media for the garments and objects that characterize it. On Reddit, for example, there are thousands of posts dedicated to the Captain’s hat, boots and jacketwith tips and tricks on where to find them and how to wear them.

To satisfy this request, Courtney Wheeler has created a step-by-step guide to dressing like Captain Price, proposing a series of outfits that reflect his aesthetic choices and adapt them to current trends in men’s fashion. Among the inspirations, there is the gorpcorea style that mixes sporty and functional elements, typical of mountain and hiking clothing.

Tips on how to dress like Captain Price from Call of Duty

Here are the key elements of her look:

  • Headgear. Beanies and boonies come in a variety of styles and versatile materials to protect you from the elements. They are designed to keep you warm and look cool at the same time.
  • Fabrics to take everywhere. Technical fabrics and coated fabrics are suitable for different seasons and environments. They combine ample freedom of movement with breathability, for style on the move.
  • Twill and determination. Incorporate thick twill work materials into your wardrobe, which are not only durable, but also offer additional pockets for the discerning, multitasking gentleman.
  • Keep your feet on the ground. Functional footwear built for hikers, combat and construction boots help keep your feet dry and safe when on the move. Grip trainers are useful in the gym or in any urban environment, for a killer look.

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