How to find houses and apartments not yet on the market

Priority: la nuova modalità di ricerca di casa personalizzata ed esclusiva di Casavo thumbnail

Looking for a new home is one of the most exciting times in life. In many cases, however, enthusiasm soon gives way to stress in the face of hundreds of incomplete and misleading real estate advertisements. To simplify the process of buying a property starting from the early stages of research, Casavothe digital platform that crosses the needs of home sellers with the wishes of buyers, from today allows buyers to switch from a “catalogue” search mode (typical of ad platforms) to apersonalized and exclusive experience thanks to the Priority function.

Priority by Casavo, an inventory of houses not yet available

Through a few simple questions, Casavo is able to determine the user’s preferences and to suggest only the houses that really correspond to their wishes. Among them, thanks to the functionality Priorityalso an exclusive inventory of homes not yet available on the real estate marketbut that could be soon.

How Casavo Priority works

In 2022 alone, Casavo received more than 200,000 real estate appraisal requests from sellers, which translates into a wealth of knowledge of the properties that will be for sale on the market. Strengthened by this amount of data, Casavo has further developed its product experience with the aim of speed up the buying process for both buyers and sellers. In fact, Casavo allows home sellers to test via the app – free of charge and without obligation – how many buyers are potentially interested when buying your own home.

When a seller decides to test the market, a buyer receives a notification that a new home that matches their search criteria is available. If the buyer likes the property, he has three days to express his interest and enter Casavo’s Priority list. Once on the market, the buyer will therefore be the first to be able to pay a visit and potentially formulate a purchase offer, thus securing the home of their desires.

Casavo’s long-term vision

Born to simplify the real estate market, Casavo is redesigning the buying and selling experience step by step, solving the complexities and uncertainties typical of real estate thanks to technology. Casavo’s long-term vision is to create a marketplace where supply and demand meet more and more instantaneouslyand where people have access to all those complementary services that make their life easier when they decide to sell or buy a house.

Through a proprietary algorithm that exploits machine learning mechanisms, Casavo is able to analyze the so-called buyer interest, i.e. the set of all the search preferences of a buyer (price range, area, property characteristics), which are then combined with the characteristics of the properties evaluated on the Casavo platform, including the area and the market price, thus facilitating the direct match between supply and demand through a completely digital process.

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