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How to get Discovery+ for free | October 2023

Find out how to Get Discovery+ for Free and Enjoy a World of Amazing Content from entertainment to your favorite series

Discovery+ is a streaming platform that entered the Italian market in 2021, bringing with it a vast catalog of fascinating content.

This service offers an eclectic range of programs, from gripping documentaries to engaging reality shows, from thrilling TV series to entertainment programs that will capture your attention.

In this article, we will walk you through the different options for accessing Discovery+ for free or at discounted prices by exploring alternatives to the standard free account.

How to get Discovery+ for free |  October 2023

The Free Discovery+| Account How to get Discovery+ for free

The first step to access the world of Discovery+ is to create a free account on their website.

This type of account offers limited access to the vast catalog of content, allowing you to stream some of the content on demand.

However, it is important to note that you will not have access to all of the original programs Discovery+ with a free account.

Signing up for a free account is a quick and easy process, and the best part is that you don’t need to provide any payment information.

Discovery+ Free Content | How to get Discovery+ for free

With a free account of Discovery+you will be able to enjoy a selection of programs from popular channels such as Real Time, DMAX, Nove, HGTV, Motor Trend, Food Network, K2, Giallo and Frisbee.

These channels offer a variety of programs, from reality shows to documentary series, so you can find content that suits your tastes.

Additionally, some on-demand content is available for free viewing, giving you the flexibility to watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want.

Discovery+ Paid Subscription | How to get Discovery+ for free

If you want unlimited access to the catalog of Discovery+ and you want to enjoy all the original programs, as well as exclusive content and previews, you will have to opt for a paid subscription.

This will give you the freedom to explore a world of content without restrictions. The monthly cost of the paid subscription is 3.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year, which represents a significant saving compared to the monthly subscription.

Options to Get Discovery+ Free or Discounted | How to get Discovery+ for free

Besides the free account and paid subscription, there are some interesting alternatives to get Discovery+ for free or at a discounted price. Here are some options that might interest you:

Free Trial Period for Customers of Some Telephone Operators | How to get Discovery+ for free

If you are a customer of telephone operators such as TIM, Vodafone or WindTreyou may be eligible for a free trial of Discovery+. This means you can access Discovery+ and experience all its contents at no cost for a limited period. Check with your carrier to see if you qualify for this exclusive offer.

Discount for Students

Students can take advantage of a discount on their subscription to Discovery+.

This gives students the opportunity to save money while enjoying engaging programs. Be sure to check out the student discount details on the website Discovery+ to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

Bonus: Don’t know who to share your subscription with?

Exist some services that allow you to share your account with other people, such as GamsGo or the GoSplit alternative. Thanks to GamsGo and GoSplit it is possible to purchase, at a negligible pricea Netflix Premium subscription (and more) shared with other users of the platform easily, quickly and safely.

How to get Discovery+ for free: Telegram

Telegram, although illegal, can also be considered a useful tool for getting Discovery+ for free. Here, in fact, numerous links are often available that allow you to access many streaming sites of documentaries, reality shows, TV series and entertainment programs. These links are released on some channels by account owners.

How to get Discovery+ for free: streaming and torrent sites

Illegally, it is also possible to find the entire Discovery+ catalog on the best streaming sites or by searching among the best torrent sites.

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