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How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free | February 2024

Let’s find out together, in this short dedicated guide, how to have access to Google Gemini Advanced for free, or at least try to save money to test the contents of Google’s popular AI

The world of Artificial Intelligence is making giant leaps day after day. Last February 8, Google “rebranded” its old Bard, officially transforming it into Gemini and therefore giving life to a new season for the company in the field of AI. A chatbot that is constantly updated and revised and which acts as a counterpart to the already very famous and widely used ChatGPT. We talked about it in detail in a dedicated guide, which you can reach by clicking here. In this context, however, we want to help you discover how you can save on Google Gemini Advanced, the most advanced and currently paid plan of the Google service, or how to get it directly for free.

How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free |  February 2024

Subscription plans | How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free

Currently, Google offers only one subscription plan for Google Gemini Advanced, which is included in the Google One AI Premium. This service, at a cost of €21.99 per monthoffers, in addition to the possibility of using AI, some additional benefits:

  • 2TB of storage
  • Google expert support
  • Sharing with 5 people
  • More editing features in Google Photos
  • Premium features of Google Workpsace
  • VPN
  • Dark web monitoring

Furthermore, subscribers will soon be able to use Gemini Advanced in the main Google apps, such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets and more.

How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free |  February 2024

The Pro version | How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free

In Italy it is possible to access the Pro version of Google Gemini completely free of charge. As? Simply by reaching the main page of the chatbot (you can click here for simplicity) and log in with your Google account. Then click on “Try Gemini” and start your experience.

Free trial period | How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free

Google provides you with a two month trial period completely free to start learning about the world of Google Gemini Advanced. Before the 60 days expire, as always, we remind you to cancel the renewal of your subscription. This is because otherwise, by asking for a credit card when registering for Google Gemini Advanced, at the end of the free trial period the company will invoice you for the monthly amount without asking for further confirmation.

Subscription Sharing Services | How to get NordVPN for free

However, if you are still not satisfied with these methodologies, you can easily contact us to subscription sharing services such as GamsGo, GoSplit or Coosub which allow you to purchase a NordVPN subscription at a negligible price, sharing it with other users of the platform in an easy and above all safe way.

How to get Google Gemini Advanced for free |  February 2024

And this is all!

And that’s all we could tell you about how to get Google Gemini Advanced for free! Let us know if you are a user of the Google Gemini Advanced software below in the comments and continue to follow us here on techgameworld.com!