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How to get Spotify for free | December 2022

In this guide we will find out how to get Spotify for free and how to save something on the subscription to have unlimited services

Spotify is a digital music playback service, born in Sweden in 2008. The Spotify platform does not it limits itself to offering its users the on-demand streaming service of an infinite number of musical tracks. In fact, it allows the viewing of videos and podcasts. The musical material made available on Spotify does not only belong to the major record companies (Universal, EMI, Sony, etc.) but also to independent labels of lesser importance. In this guide I will show you how to use Spotify services for free, or how to access unlimited services without saving on the subscription fee.

What is Spotify and what is it for?

Way back in October 2008, a Swedish startup, Spotyfy AB, publicly launched the on-demand streaming service. Spotify in a few years has reached a very high number of users and admirers. Suffice it to say that in 2015 the service had about 75 million users, while in January 2018 it had registered more than 140,000,000 active users. And the number of subscribers is still steadily increasing today. The platform offers many services. For example, you can search for any type of music, or view songs by genre, artist or even create playlists. Spotify provides two types of usersone free (with limitations of course) and one Premium (with many more services):

  • Free – this mode is automatically available from the moment the service subscription is activated. In the free mode, the user can listen to an unlimited amount of music, but with continuous commercial breaks. Finally, using this mode, it is unfortunately possible to change the songs in the playlist up to 6 times in an hour.
  • Premium – this mode vi will allow you to listen to all the music you want without any interruption advertising. In addition, it will grant you access to many other features, such as unlimited skip and offline listening. Finally, you will have the possibility to use the App for smartphones and tablets.

How to get Spotify for free |  December 2022

Spotify costs and subscriptions and free version

The Spotify platform is available in both its Free and Premium versions in America, Europe (except some country), Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries. The service can be used on PCs, smartphones and tablets, and on all operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, etc.). We remind you that to access Spotify services you no longer need to use your Facebook account. Indeed, since 2012 there is the possibility of being able to create your own account directly on Spotify. There are various types of subscriptions, available to users with credit/debit cards or via PayPal account. Or again through the Paysafecard circuit. Among the various subscriptions available we have:

  • Individual: 3 months free and then €9.99 per month (1 account)
  • Duo: 1 month free then €12.99 per month (2 accounts)
  • Family: 1 month free then €15.99 per month (up to 6 accounts)
  • Sudent: 1 month free and then €4.99 per month (1 account)

How to have unlimited Spotify saving on subscription

If you can’t use these methods because you’ve already taken the free trial period or you’re not a student, don’t worry. In fact, there is an alternative way to save a few euros. In fact, you will be able to share the account with other people and thus pay only a part of the subscription, saving a little bit. If you don’t know how to do it or you can’t find anyone willing to do it, don’t give up.

In fact, there are many services of this type, such as GamsGo for example. Thanks to GamsGo, it is possible to buy a Spotify (and not only) subscription shared with other users of the platform in an easy, fast and secure way at a negligible price.

And you? What do you think about this fabulous way to save on Spotify subscription ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).