How to get Tidal for free | September 2023

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Here’s how to get Tidal for free to listen to high-fidelity music streaming and access exclusive content from artists and bands

Tidal is a well-known music streaming service that made its debut in musical panorama In the 2014. What distinguishes Tidal from other similar services is its emphasis on superior audio quality and access to exclusive content. Founded by a group of high-profile musical artists, including Jay-Z, Tidal has quickly earned a reputation for giving listeners the ability to immerse themselves in music with impeccable sonic fidelity and clarity. In addition to the vast library of songs and albums available in streaming, Tidal also offers music videos, curated playlists, and a variety of premium features. Over the years, the service has continued to evolve and attract both audiophiles and music lovers alike fence Of experiences Of I listen Of high quality and unique content.

How to get Tidal for free |  September 2023

How much does Tidal cost? | How to get Tidal for free

Tidal is a music streaming service acquired by Jay-Z per 55 million dollars, bringing in artists like Madonna and Beyoncé as shareholders. It offers two subscription plans: Premium (€9.99/month, €14.99/month for family plan, €4.99/month for students) and HiFi (TidalMasters, €19.90/month basic, €29.99/month for family plan, €9.99/month for students) which offers uncompressed music. New subscribers can benefit from a free trial of 7 days for the plan Premium, extendable to 30 days with payment details. Tidal also offers a vast catalogue Of video Of concerts.

How to get Tidal for free? Here are some options

Let’s now see in detail how to get Tidal for free and what procedures are currently available.

How to get Tidal for free: free trial period

Tidal occasionally offers a free trial period for new users. This allows you to test the service for a certain period of time at no cost. Keep an eye out for promotions and free trials that Tidal may offer.

How to get Tidal for free: promotional offers

Some companies and service providers may offer special promotions that include free access to Tidal for a limited time. For example, joint subscription packages that include services like Tidal could be a good option.

How to get Tidal for free: family sharing

If you are part of a family group on Tidal, you may have access to Tidal for free through the group manager’s account. This is a useful option for sharing the service with your family members.

Bonus: Don’t know who to share your subscription with?

There are some services that allow you to share your account with other people, such as GamsGo or the GoSplit alternative. Thanks to GamsGo and GoSplit it is possible to purchase, at a negligible price, a Tidal subscription (and not only) shared with other users of the platform in an easy, fast and safe way.

How to get Tidal for free: Telegram

Telegram, although illegal, can also be considered a useful tool for getting Tidal for free. Here, in fact, numerous links are often available that allow you to access many music streaming sites.

These links are released on some channels by account owners.

Siti streaming e torrent

Illegally, it is also possible to find the entire Tidal catalog on the best streaming sites or by searching among the best torrent sites.

How to get Tidal for free: working APK

At the moment there is no APK file for Android that allows you to access Tidal for free. Watch out for rip-offs!

How to get Tidal for free |  September 2023

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