How to make a complaint about the disservice of Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail

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The e-mail of Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail it didn’t work for the first part of the week and now several users want make a complaint. Although the servers are now back online, Altroconsumo, Codacons and Aeci are organizing the possibility of receiving compensation. Here’s how to request it.

How to file a complaint for the downtime of Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail

Server problems (which we will explain in detail here) put Virgilio and Libero’s e-mail services offline from Monday until yesterday. Over 9 million accounts remained inaccessible pFor some time, so much so that many users have decided to file a complaint.

A first possibility is to request compensation from the Aeci (European Association of Independent Consumers). You can download the form and request a complaint, for both business and free users, by paying two euros and downloading the form here.

Other consumption instead he proposes to lodge a complaint with Italiaonline, the company that manages Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail. The idea is to ask the company for some form of relief as compensation. If you want to do it, you can go to this site.

Il Codacons instead proposes a class action to receive material and moral damages, asking the company to “arrange direct compensation in favor of all users involved in the disservice”. At the moment, however, there are no details on what Codacons wants to do “to protect the 9 million Italians”.

However, several legal experts think that there is no room for maneuver to ask for compensation for everyone. There could be distinctions for business accounts, for free but active ones and for dormant ones. In any case, we will have more precise answers in the coming months.


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