How to manage the risks of cyber attacks according to Trend Micro

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The analysis of Gastone Nencini, Country Manager Trend Micro Italy highlights how cyber attacks are now increasingly global. In this context, it is therefore essential to protect yourself from cyber attacks and risks.

Trend Micro Italia’s point of view on cyber security and risk management

It is essential for organizations to understand, communicate and mitigate risk with the aim of being resilient in the face of ongoing global events. To understand the risk, Nencini highlights, it is essential to have the attack surface under control and understand where the digital platform can be affected. Once the weaknesses are identified, it is necessary select the best tools to assess and mitigate risk. Risk management must be daily and cyclical.

How to manage IT risk

In order to manage the risk it is necessary to adopt the best safety practices. According to Trend Micro’s Nencini analysis, you need to make sure that systems are always up to date and equipped with the latest security patches. Furthermore, Make sure you have configured your security solutions based on vendor best practices.

Solutions like those of Trend Micro using machine learning, behavior monitoring and application control to achieve the goal. Need be able to detect and respond to a cyber attack on several levels. Furthermore, pay attention to unrecognized network traffic e reduce the attack surface where possible.

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