Come pagare a rate senza busta paga su Amazon

How to pay in installments without a paycheck on Amazon

How to pay in installments without a paycheck on Amazon? Let’s find out in this article, in which we will analyze all the details relating to online payment on the giant e-commerce store

In the digital age we live in, the shopping online it has become extremely popular and Amazon is undoubtedly a major player in this industry. The e-commerce giant offers a wide range of products, from tech to apparel, which attracts millions of shoppers around the world. One of the most convenient payment options offered by Amazon is the ability to pay in installments. In the past, this option required the presentation of a payslip as proof of income, but today there are affordable alternatives for those without traditional employment. In this article, we will explore some solutions that allow you to pay in installments on Amazon without the need for a payslip, let’s find out how. Click here to access the home site!

How to pay in installments without a paycheck on Amazon

Pay in installments on Amazon without a paycheck, how? Let’s find out!

One of the most common options for paying in installments on Amazon without a paycheck is to use a credit card. Many lenders offer cards with predefined spending limits, which allow you to pay for your purchases in installments. This system is suitable for both those with a regular income and those without a traditional paycheck, such as students or freelancers. Amazon also offers financing services to facilitate the purchase of products on installments.

It is important to note that the installment payment option is shown on the item detail page as in the case of Cofidis. If the option “Pay in installments with Cofidis” is available for the selected order, you will be redirected to an online application form on the Cofidis website. After completing the application, Cofidis will immediately evaluate the request. To use installment payment on Amazon, you must meet certain requirements, including residence in Italy, an active Amazon account for at least one year, a debit or credit card valid associated with the account (not prepaid and with an expiry date no earlier than 20 days from the expiry date of the last installment) and a good history of payments on the store.

These were the info you need to know to find out how to pay in installments on Amazon without a paycheck. For more details and news, keep tuning in to

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