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How to position the PlayStation 5

You have finally purchased that long-awaited new generation console from Sony that you wanted so much, but you need to know that you have to place it correctly on your desk. In this guide you will discover how to position the PlayStation 5

You finally did it, after waiting so long, waiting for the semiconductor crisis that occurred during the publication period of the PS5. More than three years have passed since then, and you will surely have found a right offer to finally buy the new Sony console. However, in case you don’t have it yet, here you can find the PS5 Slim Disc for 474.99 euros. Once you have purchased your console, you need to know how to position the PlayStation 5 correctly. In this guide we will explain how to do it.

How to position the PlayStation 5

Vertical | How to position the PlayStation 5

To place the Playstation 5 vertically you need the plastic base, the one you find in the packaging of the PS5 you purchased. First of all, take the base and rotates the outermost section 90 degrees, the one where the hooks are. In the part under the base you find a small screw, stuck inside a special section. Remove it, because you will need it to secure the base to the console. Now take the PS5 and place it on a surface, resting on its side. You will see a small plug covering a hole, right under the PS5. Now take the base and match the central hole with the one in the lower part of the console. The hooks you rotated earlier must fit with two pins on the back of the PS5. Insert the screw into the hole and tighten with a screwdriver. Now all you need to do is connect the PS5 to the TV.

How to position the PlayStation 5

Horizontal | How to position the PlayStation 5

You need the base also to place the PS5 horizontally. The PS5 can also be laid horizontally without the stand, but it is very risky, because it is subject to vibrations that could damage it. The problem with the PS5 in landscape is that the base can be attached literally anywhere, the design is in fact poorly designed and it is not clear how the base should be fixed in this case. In reality there is only one correct position. If you look carefully at the back of the console, you will notice a slew of symbols. These are the classic PlayStation symbols and at both ends of the string there are two squares. The base hooks must be positioned right next to the two squares. In this case no need to use screwsyou can play easily.

How to position the PlayStation 5

How to position it correctly

Actually there is no correct way to position it, it depends on your tastes and needs. Since it is a very large and bulky console it is difficult to find a suitable position we must remember these fundamental rules. First of all the P55 gives off heat, inside there is a dissipation system managed by a fan which throws out all the hot air and lets in fresh air. So the key thing is that the PS5 is in a place where there is air circulationso keep it away from heat sources and do not place it on other electronic devices. For the rest the positioning rules are exactly the same as the other consoles.

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