How to reset Apple Watch with your iPhone

Come ripristinare Apple Watch con il vostro iPhone thumbnail

Apple today posted a supporting document explaining how restore your own Apple Watch using iPhone. But this option becomes available only if you have installed watchOS 8.5 on the watch e iPadOS 15.4 on the phone.

iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5: how to reset Apple Watch with iPhone

The support document explains that if you ever need to reset an Apple Watch, you can ‘operate’ yourself via your iPhone. According to Apple, just bring the iPhone close to the watch, after making sure it is updated to iOS 15.4. At this point, make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetoothas well as unlocked.

Now you just have to put yours Apple Watch sul battery charger and do a double click on the lateral buttonand, the one below the round digital crown. On the watch screen you should now see the icon indicating that it is paired with the smartphone. On the iPhone instead you can see the operations to follow: click Continue and then follow the next stepswhile the smartphone analyzes the problem and solves it.

If you are unable to connect the smartwatch, check that iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi. Specifically, Apple asks to check that it is connected to the frequency 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz, Also, avoid 802.1X and public networksfor example those of hotels.

Instead, if you must see a red exclamation mark on the Apple Watch screen, Apple recommends that you double-click the watch side button and repeat the process. If it recurs, contact the Mac Store where you got the smartwatch or the Apple Service Center.

This solution is not the panacea for all problems but it will certainly save many users from sending their watch for repair, when a reset is enough. The function is available per iOS 15.4 e watchOS 8.5, recently available for download.