How to save on heating: the best smart thermostats

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Autumn is coming, temperatures are starting to drop. Soon you will have to reactivate the heating in the house, whether on the floor or with heaters. And then find the ideal temperature for you (perhaps by arguing with other people in your home). But there is a clever way to do it: using i best smart thermostats and thermostatic valves. In this way you can program, remotely manage the temperature of your home based on the weather. In order to always find the best environment. AND saving up to 31% on heating in the bill.

What do smart thermostats do?

Smart thermostats are a convenient and cost-effective tool. The operation of these systems becomes rather complicated if you go into details. But figuring out what they do is pretty simple. You can set directly from the control unit or smartphone (if the system is connected to WiFi) several intelligent functions. We have been using some of them for years, without the need for a smart home: switching on according to the time (for example shortly before the alarm clock) and the boiler switches off when the desired temperature is reached. Others are more sophisticated, such as theremote ignition via internet and adjustment based on the weather.

By communicating with the boiler, they can increase or decrease the temperature in the house. AND thanks to sensors they can do much more. For instance recognize the opening of a window, blocking the heating to avoid waste. In addition, the ability to use the thermostatic valves on radiators allows you to manage each room individually, for example by switching off the heating for the sleeping area when you are in the living room.

This allows not only greater comfort and convenience. Wi-Fi thermostats also allow you to save money on your bills and partially reduce pollution.

How to choose the right one?

Let’s start with an observation: a smart thermostat is almost in every case more comfortable than a traditional one. So much so that even historical brands are turning to solutions that use Wi-Fi. And the cost is not that prohibitive, especially if you have just bought / built a house and have to buy a thermostat anyway. Different speech instead for the thermostat change: weigh the comfort well with the initial investment. Especially on a large house with many rooms, very expensive kits may be needed. But it is also true that the rsavings would be greater.

If you have decided that the time has come to make your home heating smart, pay attention too to the integrated software ecosystem and not just functionality. In fact, if you already use Alexa on every device in your smart home, the excellent Google Nest Learning may not be the best choice. If you can use the same app or even better the same virtual assistant for the whole house, you will be much more comfortable.

The best smart thermostats of 2021

The smart thermostats on our list are among the best on the market. But before buying them try asking the your gas and electricity supplier if they offer WiFi thermostats, maybe at a discounted price. Remember to evaluate the software environment and the most important features. But keep in mind that all of the ones on this list are full in functionality and have a good quality / price ratio.

Google Nest Learning (3a generazione)

The new smart device from Google truly offers a complete package. Not only can you program it to turn on when you come home from work, thanks to geolocation it can activate when you are coming home even after hours, and turn off when you go away. Offers a huge list of sensors: of presence, of brightness, of humidity. And the programming with the Google Assistant is simply convenient and effective. Also great for adjusting it without a smartphone, with the ring that is really intuitive. And then the design is really elegant.

The only real limitation of this device is that it is not compatible with Alexa and Apple Homekit. But if you use an Android smartphone and you are used to saying “Hey Google”, you can hardly find better.

The best smart thermostats 2021: tado ° V3 +

smart thermostat status 2021-min

Tado ° V3 + offers a truly complete package for those who want a smart thermostat. Compared to the Google product, the proximity sensor is missing but otherwise there is everything, from the weather forecast to the humidity sensor. It also has the geolocation, which allows you to understand if you are going out and turn off the heating. Furthermore the thermostatic valves to be inserted on the radiators they are really comfortable and simple to install, to manage the rooms individually.

It works with all assistants (Google, Alexa and Homekit) and is among the simplest for those who do not want unnecessary complications. The application makes it easy to understand how to save, how to manage hours and nights, and much more.

Netatmo NTH01

netatmo nth01-min smart thermostats

Netatmo is among the best smart thermostats for those who want save on your bill and try to pollute as little as possible. In fact, with the downloadable app you can easily manage energy consumption in the most intelligent way possible. Even the same device consumes little: they are enough three AAA batteries to power the e-ink display.

It has fewer sensors than the competition, however it integrates perfectly with all the most used smart home systems. An interesting choice for those who want to save with technology.

Honeywell Home T6

honeywell home t6-min

Among the best smart thermostats can not be missing Honeywell Home T6, which offers a lot considering the below average price. With a dark screen, simple to use and elegant, it is very simple and non-invasive to install. You can use the mode of geofencing to turn off the heating when you leave the house and use the app (really simple) to program the times of the week in detail.

It offers some less “smart features” than its rivals. But it connects perfectly to Apple Homekit, Assistant Google, Amazon Alexa e IFTTT. A simple and effective solution for those who want only the essentials, but performed well.

Bticino Smarther2

bticino smarther2 the best smart-min thermostats

Bticino is a historic brand, present in the homes of many people for years. And it’s making the transition to the smart home era in the best possible way. The new Smarther2 it can be installed in a few minutes (especially the battery version) and is elegant and minimalist, very easy to control both on the device and with the app. You can control the temperature with all the classic functions seen in the rivals (even if the weather forecast is missing). But the function Auto-Adapt, which uses artificial intelligence to adapt to your consumption, it can be very interesting.

Also interesting is the fact that integrate the Netatmo system, allowing you to use the thermostatic valves of the company. With a brand that is a safety and the ability to use Apple Homekit, Google Nest e Amazon Alexa, it’s an interesting choice.

By choosing from one of these devices, you should find the best WiFi thermostat for your needs. Take the time to adjust it and you will see that the price of the device will soon pay off in your bill. And above all, you will spend all autumn and winter in the warmth.

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