How to see F1 unencrypted and live with Italian commentary

Matteo De Filippi

The F1 championship warms up its engines and in this guide we will understand how to watch the races in the clear and live with Italian commentary

The most famous and awaited car championship in the world is finally coming back. After a weekend spent with the pre-season tests, finally from Friday it will start to get serious, with the teams and the riders ready to do battle to conquer the world title. However not everyone has one Sky subscription to see all the grand prizes, nor do you want to wait several hours trying to avoid spoilers regarding the race. So how to see F1 unencrypted and live with Italian commentary? Let’s find out together in this short guide.

Here’s how to see F1 unencrypted and live with Italian commentary

Before continuing with this guide it is right to make a clarification. Whether we are in Italy, or in any other country in the world, we can still follow all streaming servicespay and non, even if they are not available in the country where we are in that moment. All we will need is just one VPN (Virtual Private Network), or a virtual private network, which allows us to change our geolocation without moving a step from our position.

How to see F1 unencrypted and live with Italian commentary

In this way we will be able, for example, to take advantage of the free services available in a country even if we are on the other side of the world. However, this is not the only function that these virtual networks offer us. Thanks to these services, in fact, we will be able to protect our sensitive data by the various trackers on the sites, but we will be also protected from various malware. Why this clarification?

As you well know, the F1 championship is broadcast live in Italy by Sky, both on television and with the various streaming services. However, Sky Group Limited does not hold absolute rights in all European countries. It so happens, in fact, that beyond our beloved Alps, more precisely in Swissthe F1 championship is broadcast live on national TV. The net RSI in fact it broadcasts all the races of the world championship, with Italian commentaryon your channel LA2 e streaming on official page of the network. However, the latter is accessible only by residents of Switzerland. But don’t worry, there is a solution.

NordVPN is the answer to everything

All we need is a VPN and we at suggest you NordVPNone among best VPNs currently on the market. These days, you also get to take advantage of one discount up to 59% and the possibility of win 3 or 12 extra months. For more details, we refer you to NordVPN official site.

How to see F1 unencrypted and live with Italian commentary

In addition to the F1 championship you can also see other sports for free without paying for third-party services. You can follow, for example, the latest matches of the Six Nations and more you will have access to servers with dedicated IP located in Milan. This will allow you to save you a lot of trouble which could compromise your experience, as well as that give you greater security when you browse. For more details you can consult our article.

That’s all for this short guide. What do you think of this trick to follow the entire F1 world championship? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news relating to the web and social universe, continue to follow!