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How to spy on someone’s phone without getting caught

We will find out together how to spy on a person’s phone without being discovered. But pay attention to privacy!

Are you wondering how to spy on someone’s phone for check his online activity? Doing so is possible and there are several methods, from forwarding SMS to more sophisticated phone spy apps.

Discover with us the most effective systems and apps to spy on a cell phone, with or without the victim’s phone available.

How to spy on someone's phone without getting caught

Why spy on a cell phone: the reasons that lead to check on another person

There are several reasons why to check your phone of a person:

  • if it’s your children, you may want to prevent them from running into the dangers of the network;
  • in the case of the partner, checking the phone can be useful if you suspect cheating;
  • for an employee, you could spy on company phone to avoid leaking confidential information about your company.

All important reasons for spying on a cell phone: just as it is important to understand which are the most effective tools at your disposal to control a phone in an absolutely confidential way.

But remember that the law allows you to spy on a person’s phone without his consent only if it concerns your minor children.

How to spy on someone's phone without getting caught

What systems can you use to control another person’s phone?

To spy on a cell phone you can choose between 3 types of systems:

  • Native mobile apps, Android or iPhone;
  • Message forwarding system;
  • Dedicated phone spy apps.

Android or iPhone native phone apps to control a phone for free

Some native Android or iPhone mobile apps allow you to spy on a phone for free and without installing any software: just think about Google Maps, which allows you to reconstruct the history of movements of a mobile phone. Or to applications like Samsumg “Find my device” which also allow you to block a person’s cell phone remotely.

Other applications with similar function are “Where is” for iOS phoneswhich you can use if you have iCloud credentials, and “Find my device” for Android phones.

Message forwarding

Another way to spy on a cell phone is to install a special app that allows automatic forwarding of SMS messages received from the monitored phone. It takes just a few minutes to install this type of app and set up your number to see in real time all the messages received from the device of someone other than you.

Dedicated spy apps for Android and iPhone mobiles

Phone spy apps are the most effective solution to have complete control of another person’s phone. In fact, thanks to these apps you can spy on the phone remotely, controlling every activity performed, including online ones, calls and movements. The apps allow you to control Android and iPhone devices, operating without the controlled person being aware of it.

How to spy on someone's phone without getting caught

The most effective and safest apps to spy on a person’s phone

Below you will find a description of the apps for iOS and Android operating systems that allow you to control another person’s phone without being detected.

uMobix: The best spy app for monitoring a phone

uMobix is one of the best solutions at your disposal if you want to exercise complete control over a person’s mobile phone. In fact, you can get information on every activity carried out online and on the calls made and received, as well as on movements and on the wifi networks used.

Among the advantages of uMobix are:

  • the fact that it works on iOS and Android systems;
  • ease of use;
  • the speed of installation;
  • the ability to use it without rooting or jailbreaking the phone to be monitored.

From your uMobix account dashboard you have a real-time view of everything another person is doing with his cell phone, in the absolute certainty of not being discovered.

eyeZy: spy on a phone in absolute secrecy

Another effective and complete tool to control a person’s device is eyeZy. It is a spy app that works on both Android and iPhone phones and allows you to monitor online activity in real time of a device.

Thanks to eyeZy you really have a lot of control functions at your disposal, especially with regard to the different messaging apps, which are used a lot especially by young people.

However, it should be noted that the installation is a bit laborious and takes time, time in which you must have the mobile phone you want to control at your disposal without the user realizing it.

iKeyMonitor: the solution to spy on a phone for free

Among the phone spy apps iKeyMonitor is the one that offers a wide range of control functions and also the possibility of a free trial. This way you can evaluate whether it is the right solution for your control needs before buying it.

There are several functions for spying on a phone: in fact, you can access messages, emails, browser history and even locations. You can also set up a geofence to warn you when your phone enters or leaves a specific geographic area.

Furthermore, iKeyMonitor offers a free subscription, with limited functions, without expiration.

To use many of these advanced control functions, however, it is necessary to root the phone to spy on.

Spy on an Android phone or iPhone with mSpy

mySpy is another very complete app to spy on a cell phone without getting caught: thanks to this app you can in fact have access to lots of information about a person’s phone activitystarting with messages, calls and files such as videos or photographs that are on it.

mSpy works on both Android devices and iPhones and can be installed even without jailbreaking or rooting: in this case you won’t have the most advanced features available, but you’ll still be able to collect a lot of useful information to spy on a phone. You will also be able to check all the most popular messaging apps, starting with WhatsApp and Telegram.

Spy on a phone for free with Hoverwatch

If you want a simple and free solution to spy on a cell phone, you can rely on Hoverwatch: in fact, this spy phone app allows you to try it for free before buying. And, depending on the subscription you choose, you can even spy on multiple devices, with a single account.

It is a cell phone spy app that is also suitable for the less experienced, given its ease of use and its functions that allow you to check the activity on the most popular apps and social profiles. A limitation is what Hoverwatch ti it only allows you to spy but not to block apps, sites and contacts on the monitored cell phone.


You have seen in this article some methods and the best spy apps to spy on a phone: these tools allow you to checkin absolute anonymity, a person’s phone to avoid problems and be able to live more relaxed and peaceful, sure that your loved ones are not taking risks online.

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