How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

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In this article, we are going to find out how to unlock sign tracking in Samsung phones. Here are all the details

Are you frustrated because you forgot Samsung sign tracking? I know that this situation can make you unable to work and live normally. If you want to unlock Samsung mark tracking efficiently, this article may help you.

How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

Please don’t try blindly when you forget your password. As some users have encountered such a problem” i forgot samsung unlock pattern, when I entered the wrong password many times, the phone cannot be unlocked.” To avoid the above errors, please use professional methods to help you unlock Samsung without PIN or unlock samsung phone. This article summarizes the four most practical methods. Read on.

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  • How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking
  • Solved: Forgot Samsung unlock sign
  • How to unlock Samsung without PIN with hard rest
  • 1. Try Samsung screen lock to unlock Samsung sign tracking

    The following methods can help you if you forget the PIN pattern you created when setting up serial lock. But this approach is not suitable for all situations. If you also forgot your pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint, please refer to method 2.

    • Step 1. First, draw the wrong pattern 5 times on the unlock page.
    • Step 2. Then tap on the PIN Code option.
    • Step 3. Enter the PIN code, click “Finish”.
    • Step 4. After clearing the lock screen, you will also be redirected to the Unlock screen settings. You can reset your device’s lock screen.

    2. How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    Is there a more professional and efficient way to help you unlock Samsung pattern tracker in case you forget your pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint? Among many methods, iMobie’s DroidKit is the best choice to “unlock Samsung phone”. DroidKit’s screen unlock feature is one of the most useful tools. Here are the benefits of DroidKit:

    • If you forget your Samsung phone PIN, DroidKit supports unlocking all types of Samsung screen locks: pattern lock, fingerprint lock, face lock, digital password lock, etc.
    • DroidKit supports all Samsung series (phone/tablet), Samsung j3/4/5, Galaxy S series and more than 2000 Android models.
    • No matter your Samsung account password, DroidKit can also help you bypass Samsung FRP activation lock.
    • No professional knowledge required, only a few devices can unlock Samsung without password.

    Please refer to the steps below.

    Step 1. Select “Screen Unlock” mode.

    First, download and launch DroidKit on your computer. Then connect Samsung and computer. Select “Screen Unlock” mode on the DroidKit page. This feature will erase your Samsung phone data. Then click “Start”.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    Step 2. Put your Samsung into recovery mode.

    Wait for DroidKit to prepare configuration files for your Samsung. Then follow the instructions on the page to put your Samsung into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    Step 3. Unlocked Successfully.

    Finally, wait for DroidKit to remove Samsung screen lock. After the removal is done, you can access your device freely.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    3. Another way if you forgot Samsung unlock sign

    There is also a method uncommon for Samsung phones. If you signed in to your Samsung account when setting up your phone, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature to unlock your phone. Please refer to the steps below.

    • Case 1. If your Samsung device has already been connected to a Samsung account and the login credentials are known. Then you can unlock it using Find My Phone app.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    • Case 2. If the remote unlock feature is not activated on your Samsung device. You need to back up directly from Find My Mobile. Then, go to a Samsung Service Center to request an unlock. At this point the device will be reset and data will be lost.

    4. How to unlock Samsung without PIN with hard rest

    There is also a mandatory method when you are in the situation of “Samsung does not recognize unlock code”. You can try performing a hard reset. But this process will cause data loss, so it is recommended to back up in advance. Please refer to the steps below.

    • Step 1. First turn off your Samsung device.
    • Step 2. Then press and hold the power button, home button and volume up at the same time.
    • Step 3. Once the recovery page opens, select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking

    • Step 4. Use the Power button for further confirmation and select “restart system now”.

    How to Unblock Samsung Sign Tracking


    That’s all about how to unlock samsung sign tracking. Hope the method in this article can help you. If you have a friend who has encountered a similar problem, you can share the article with them. Out of all the methods, DroidKit is the one we recommend you use. Download DroidKit and you will be able to solve your problems quickly.

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