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HP announces the new OMEN 27c gaming monitor

OMEN 27 c Gaming Monitor by HP is available starting from the end of 2021 at 539.99 €, the device has been designed for the most passionate and competitive gamers.

OMEN 27c is HP’s new gaming monitor

HP officially presents OMEN 27c, a gaming monitor characterized by an incredible curvature. The display guarantees unprecedented immersion and has been awarded the Good Design Award by the Japan Institute of Design for superior design and functionality. It is also the world’s first Eyesafe certified 1000R curved gaming monitor.

The display allows for longer gaming sessions by significantly reducing eye strain. Thanks to the combination of VA panel technology, HDR 400, DCI-P3 92% color gamut and Quad HD resolution, gamers can count on stunning images. These are further supported by the 240Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time. All with an AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification. Even the most competitive gamers will be able to experience the transition to curved like an uncompromising solution.

From a software perspective, OMEN 27c offers the latest and most advanced features of OMEN Gaming Hub. An example is the dynamic viewfinder, which changes color according to the environment, with ben 248 customization options in terms of shape and color. Shadow Vision brings out the details of dark areas, so you don’t miss the crucial clues in a dark dungeon. At the same time Edge Precision smooths and refines the clearest images in the game.

For console-loving gamers, this monitor is plug and play ready with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, with over 140 tests conducted. Just connect the monitor via the HDMI cable and start playing. Finally, the latest additions to the OMEN Gaming Hub platform consist of Phillips Hue Bridge support and user profiles for OMEN Light Studio, as well as Social Invite and Theater Mode Viewing within OASIS.

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