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Huawei announces Huawei Watch Buds, the smartwatch with attached true wireless earphones

Huawei has announced the arrival in Italy of Watch Buds, the first smartwatch with a display that contains two true wireless headphones. A 2 in 1 never seen before that combines, in a single device, two tech accessories of different categories and promises to offer a versatile and functional experience.

Let’s discover Huawei Watch Buds

Smartwatches and earphones in one place could be the dream of many and that’s exactly what the Watch Buds from Huawei do. The smartwatch is in fact characterized by a cover pop-up which houses a pair of True Wireless headphones magnetically attached to the back of the cover. The entire structure is made up of miniaturized elements designed to obtain maximum performance without taking up excessive space. But let’s start in order.

Lo smartwatch del Watch Buds

The smartwatch has a stainless steel body inside which we find a 1.43 ″ (466×466) AMOLED display. The strap is in softly milled genuine full-grain calfskin.

As anticipated, the components of the Watch Buds have been miniaturized to adapt to a small and compact space and offer all the functions of a smartwatch. We are talking about 21 layers of technology that fit together in a thickness of 14.99mm. Among the technology used we find an eight-channel photoelectric sensor, a rotating shaft precise to the micron, a charging base for the earphones, a magnetic docking unit and, indeed, a pair of true wireless earphones present below the dial. Closes the whole pair of True Wireless headphones enclosed inside.

L’innovative pop-up design allows the watch lid to open instantly like a pocket watch with a push on the face button. HUAWEI WATCH Buds integrate an ultra-miniature precision rotating shaft designed to open and close smoothly thanks to concave and convex wheels. Studies performed by Huawei Labs also confirm the strength and durability of the device which has undergone 100,000 opening and closing experiments, a 5 kg stress test and other rigorous tests.

Watch Buds True Wireless earphones

Huawei Watch Buds price features

Moving on to True Wireless, we find the same attention and technology used in the smartwatch. Let’s start by saying that when compared to traditional earphones, they are 50% smaller but 90% more space efficient; with a weight of only 4g. 20 different components are joined through a precision laser welding technology that uses the outer material to optimize the size, connection and aesthetics of the product.

The earphones of Huawei Watch Buds have an octagonal cylindrical design covered by polymers with platinum platings and adaptive identification technology that makes them interchangeable between left and right ear. Furthermore, to adapt to the different physiognomy of the auditory canal of each of us, the adaptive ear canal technology: The in-ear microphone detects changes in the sound signal in the ear canal in real time and intelligently adapts the best sound quality for different ear canal structures.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds also support an innovative Wide Area touch function with vibration detection for command management which allows you to access more functions by simply touching the device with a wider range. You can activate the controls by tapping on the pinna, the front of the tragus, or directly on the back of the earpiece.

In terms of sound quality, they are equipped with a full-range four-magnet planar diaphragm, capable of delivering powerful audio up to 104dB, full frequency and high resolution, with clear and detailed sound reproduction. They also support the triple adaptive equalization whereby the sound is optimized in real time based on the structure of the ear canal, the state of use and the volume level, thus personalizing the listening experience at full frequency.

And the battery?

The battery of HUAWEI WATCH Buds is able to power both the watch and the earphones allowing use up to 3 days after a full charge and up to 7 days in power saving mode, which will stop charging the earphones to extend the duration of the watch.

Price and availability of the Huawei Watch Buds

From March 1st it will be possible to buy HUAWEI WATCH Buds on the Huawei Store at the price of 499.90 euros.

From today until February 28, the smartwatch can be pre-ordered on the Huawei Store with a deposit of 30.00 euros, to get a discount of 30.00 euros on the final price. The discount obtained during the pre-order phase will be applied to the purchase made between 1st and 19th March, paying the remaining balance of 439.90 euros at checkout.

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