Huawei Band 7: the new smartband available

Huawei Band 7: il nuovo smartband disponibile

Huawei officially introduces the new Band 7, the smallest smart band ever designed. Let’s find out its features together

Huawei Consumer Business Group annuncia HUAWEI Band 7to date the thinner Huawei smart band, equipped with a large display and comprehensive health monitoring functions. Thanks to thickness of suns 9.99mm and the weight of 16g (excluding strap), the wearer for sleep, when it is at Work or during workouts he hardly perceives it. Always trusted companion, is designed for a 24/7 monitoring that gets better one’s Welfare and for to help users to discover new ways to live one stile from healthy life e active.

Huawei Band 7: the new smartband available

Huawei Band 7: 1.47-inch FullView display with ultra-thin bezels, for a quality user experience

The new generation of HUAWEI Band 7 it is also beautiful to look at. She is gifted with a display coloured AMOLED with a relationship screen-to-body di 64.88% and a resolution of 194 x 368 which, together with the improved UI design, it strikes at first sight.

HUAWEI Band 7 p.m. characterized From one ultra-thin bezel for a wide view, and display in curved glass high quality 2.5D it’s a relationship screen-to-body di 64.88% which makes it screen more complete, carrying thevisual experience ad High Definition.

Thanks to compact structure and the use of reinforced polymer con fiber from glass, HUAWEI Band 7 is the fitness tracker FullView more subtle of Huawei with one thickness of suns 9.99mm. Il lightweight design from the lines curve that yes fit perfectly on the wrist and the weight of suns 16g (without strap), offer users aunprecedented use experience.

HUAWEI Band 7 is available in colors Graphite Black, Nebula Pink, Wilderness Green e Flame Red think for satisfy lo stile of who wears the device. Il color and match perfectly al body of the clock in reinforced polymer con fiber from glass and al delicate coating in metallic texture perfect for youthful outfits.

Huawei Band 7: the new smartband available

Safeguard your well-being with comprehensive monitoring and active management

One of the main factors to which Huawei devotes attention is the monitoring of the own well-being, a fundamental aspect of smart bands. HUAWEI Band 7 includes a professional monitoring e functionality per to help users a develop healthy lifestyle habits.

It supports a system from functions rich e complete, to measure sleep, level from saturation from oxygen of the blood, stress, period e heart health check. For sleep tracking, it supports the HUAWEI TruSleepTM sleep tracking technologythat can to verify the quality of the sleep without disturbing il rest of the user and identify them six types of problems come difficulty ad falling asleep, light sleep, waking up in the heart from the night o too soon, disturbances per eventful dreams e irregular sleep cycle.

HUAWEI Band 7 is equipped with HUAWEI TruRelaxTM, a daily detection algorithm for to monitor il level from stress. When the latter is too high, remember to do breathing exercises to relax. Furthermore monitor il oxygen saturation level during the day, allowing you to set alert automatic on low level of oxygen in the blood with intelligent level monitoring saturation h24.

HUAWEI Band 7 includes the HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 update, the technology that trace il heartbeat so continuous, fast and accurate.

Beyond to functions of monitoring e analyses, HUAWEI Band 7 features Healthy Living Shamrock which allows one personalized management of one’s own Welfare setting various daily goals. Once the goals are completed, the petals will bloom to encourage users to develop healthy habits.

Huawei Band 7: the new smartband available

Huawei Band 7: always updated professional and scientific fitness system

The analysis and the supervision of the results of training are others two main functions of smart bands. HUAWEI Band 7 is equipped withalgorithm TruSport exclusive from Huawei that measure every training index of runners from one point of view scientific e quantity.

The new Running Ability Index (RAI) can be used for to measure the level of resistence of an runner and thetechnical efficiency of the race. The system can to calculate le performance running on the basis of the historical heart rate, of the rhythm e you other multidimensional data, and measure the RAI for to classify il level from skills, thus allowing users to view i your progress.

It also features a function from monitoring training updated, with a total of 96 training modes that include running, cycling, swimming, jump rope e skating. No matter what sport you are into, HUAWEI Band 7 is ready for live every challenge with you.

Huawei Band 7: the new smartband available

A smarter experience with up to 14 days of battery life

The characteristic more important of wearable devices is the drums. After all, it is difficult to experiment the complete functions of a device without excellent battery life.

In one ideal scenario, HUAWEI Band 7 offers one battery life of 14 dayswhich ensures a continuous use throughout the day, monitoring i different body indicators, even when you sleep.

Furthermore supports the management from the musica, lo remote release, the notices from notification (SMS, email, app social), il weather forecast, the Wake Up, il stopwatch, il timer, the torch electric, the function “Find my phone”, thevocal assistante, as well as the quick answer to offer asmarter experience.

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