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Huawei Health Lab: the new European center on Health and Wellbeing

Helsinki – Huawei recently inaugurated the Huawei Health Lab a Helsinkithe first center in Europe equipped with cutting-edge equipment for research in the field of sport and well-being. The studies and research serve to improve all those elements of the company’s wearable and non-wearable devices dedicated to sport and health. In the 1000 square meters of the structure, Huawei leverages a wide range of sports equipment suitable for tracking over 20 types of sports and useful for the in-depth study of sports and fitness algorithms applied to real life.

Thanks to Huawei we were invited to the inauguration of the Health Lab and saw firsthand all the potential of a cutting-edge study center!

Discovering the Huawei Health Lab

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The center was created to better satisfy the growing interest of consumers from all over the world in the health and fitness market of which Huawei represents one of the leading exponents. The Chinese company has in fact contributed to the growth of research in the field of well-being monitoring algorithms through its wearable devices. Already the owner of two Health Labs in China, the attention also reaches Europe where 6 doctoral students and 20 experts coming from seven countries of the European Union for 5 different areas of study will collaborate to guarantee the highest standards in the world in terms of research and development of algorithms.

For this reason, the center uses sports environments and scenarios that are faithful to reality in relation to 5 test areas covering over 20 sports and monitoring more than 200 physiological and biomechanical indicators. Major areas include:

  • A swimming pool for counter-current swimmingequipped with dynamic water jets that produce a controllable current flow of up to 350 m3/hour and which also allow the correction of the temperature and quality of the water
  • A ski simulator, with adjustable speed, slope, interactive courses and poles, also equipped with sensors that detect speed, position, carving angles, forces and performance data
  • A multifunctional and an instrumented treadmill, to test running, cycling, wheelchair racing with adjustable speeds up to 50 km/h; Furthermore, it is able to import GPX data from GPS devices to simulate real terrain and routes
  • A gym suitable for various cardiovascular workoutsri

Performance is measured both through highly advanced machinery and using Huawei’s latest wearable devices, such as the new HUAWEI WATCH GT 4.

The latest arrival among Huawei wearables, the WATCH GT 4

To conduct daily research tests and accurately measure physiological data, Huawei Health Lab researchers plan to use the new HUAWEI WATCH GT 4, which integrates all of Huawei’s leading technologies for health and fitness monitoring.

Among these we find theTruSportTM scientific training algorithmcapable of quantifying users’ running ability, recording and analyzing training data, providing personalized suggestions and plans, thus helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle. HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 will also be used to evaluate human cardio-pulmonary capacitywhich will allow researchers to scientifically evaluate performance and even more accurately assess sporting ability to improve safety during exercise.

Added to this is theapp Stay Fit they Activity Rings updated HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 that provide an assessment of overall activity and performance during training sessions for a more complete understanding of energy expenditure and cardiac health. Thanks to tecnologia HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.5+the smartwatch also provides precise tracking of calorie expenditure and intake requirements compared to algorithms currently popular in the industry.

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