Huawei in support of the European digital and green transition

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The 2023 edition of Huawei Connect 2023the annual event attended by thousands of guests including industry leaders, technical experts and partners from around the world to discuss how digital technology can help accelerate Europe’s digital and sustainable transition.

Huawei Connect 2023what was discussed

He then intervened Jim Lu, Senior Vice President and President of the European Region di Huawei, with a keynote in which he outlined four pillars to better support this dual transition of Europe: 360° connectivity, intelligent cloud, bits to watts and open collaboration. “Huawei is ready and willing to work with partners to provide better products and solutions to our customers. We will therefore continue to do everything in our power to support Europe’s digital transition,” said Lu.

360° connection and computability of every decision all’Huawei Connect 2023

A pervasive connection with high-speed networks it is fundamental to digital transformation. This is especially true in industrial settings, where high-performance networks support the real-time transmission, analysis, and processing of massive amounts of data. In this context, Huawei offers resilient, intelligent and lossless network solutions that support ultra-wideband connections for a wide range of industrial scenarios.

For example, Huawei worked with its partners to help build the East-West Gate (EWG) intermodal terminal in Hungary, the first logistics terminal powered by 5G in Europa. Thanks to ultra-high bandwidth, minimized latency and high reliability, 5G has made it possible to use fully automated and remotely controlled overhead cranes, enabling intelligent railway logistics management. The terminal was thus made much safer, increased its efficiency by 20% and offered better working conditions.

The company’s ICT innovations to unleash Europe’s digital potential

On the second day of Huawei Connect 2023the company illustrated the key role that its highly innovative and industry-leading ICT solutions will play in accelerating the digital and sustainable transformation of European industry.

Yang Chaobin, Huawei Board Member e President di ICT Products and Solutions, underlined how ICT innovations have reshaped all sectors, with the digital economy now establishing itself as a new engine of economic growth. After a decade of rapid progress, in fact, digital transformation has taken on a central economic role and is estimated to constitute over 54% of the GDP of developed countries by 2026, significantly improving their productivity.

New Innovation Center announced in Paris

Huawei announced the opening of a new one Innovation Center in Paris, whose goal is to position itself as platform capable of further promoting collaboration between Huawei and its partners. The announcement came on the occasion of the Innovation Day which took place in Paris in the context of Huawei Connect 2023 under the theme “SME Innovation: Unlocking Europe’s Economic Future’’with the participation of innovators from all over Europe to discuss how they can better collaborate to ensure the success of SMEs.

During his opening speech, Vicky Zhang, Vice PresidenteCorporate Affairs di Huawei, said: “Only by working together can we create a fair ecosystem that can allow the European economy to thrive.” Together with SME partners HD Rain and Ubudu, Huawei went on to announce the opening of the new Paris Innovation Center.

Kenneth Fredriksen, Senior Vice President of Huawei Europe, said: “Thirty years ago, Huawei was also a small company. Today I am therefore proud to announce that Huawei will inaugurate its new Innovation Center in Paris. Whether you are an established business or an SME, this new Center will provide a support platform for all our partners to help you thrive.”

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