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Huawei presents its “GUIDE to the Intelligent World” initiative at MWC 2023

During the 2023 edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Huawei it involved operators, industry partners and opinion leaders from all over the world to discuss the initiative ‘GUIDE to the Intelligent World’. The goal is to understand how this Huawei initiative can lay the foundations for the advent of 5.5G. It in turn builds on the success of 5G to enable an ever smarter world.

“GUIDE to the Intelligent World”, this is what Huawei’s initiative presented at MWC 2023 is all about

In 2022 the 5G it has in fact proved to be a worldwide commercial success, with over a billion mobile users who have embraced this technology. Further confirming, major operators in China, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland and Kuwait have already achieved 5G user penetration rates of over 30%, with over 30% of traffic coming from 5G. In this context, according to Ookla’s recent ‘5G City Benchmark’ report, Huawei has played a pivotal role in the deployment of 5G network in the Top 10 of the 40 most representative cities in 5G adoption. It is equally important to observe how the 5G performance results in these 10 cities reveal that the 5G networks implemented by Huawei offer the best experience among all.

Therefore, starting from the success of 5G at a global level, we look now to the 5.5G era. Of which Huawei has outlined the five main characteristics. They are: 10 Gbps experiences, full interconnection scenarios, integrated sensing and communication, L4 autonomous driving networks and sustainability.

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Overall, it can be argued that consistent and significant investments in ICT infrastructure stimulate growth within the digital economy. Indeed, a third-party report reveals that as new networks pass from one generation to the next, this is reflected in a 15% amplification in the digital economy.

With a look to the future, therefore, the ‘GUIDE’ initiative, which combines 5G and 5.5G it can clearly illustrate both the direction that ICT progress will take and the value associated with it. Together with customers and partners, Huawei will continue to innovate, bringing intelligent connectivity everywhere and redefining computing. This innovation-driven collaboration will create increasing value for the ICT industry, making it ever more resilient and prosperous.

Huawei’s news presented during the MWC2023

The company presented novelties in terms of products and solutions. They ensure unprecedented 5G experiences, premium and smart ultra-broadband connectivity, greater digitization and sustainable development compatible with technological progress (as in the case of the new ‘Green 1-2-3’ solution). Huawei’s portfolio clearly reflects the company’s commitment to innovation to enable the 5.5G era. They thus create value for customers and stimulate the digital economy.

Particularly relevant is the new solution First Dual-Engine Containerannounced by Richard Liu, President of Huawei’s Cloud Core Network Product Line. It is presented as the first in the world able to host both VMs and special containers within a single architecture. This innovative solution is designed to build a carrier-grade converged telecommunications cloud foundation. With the aim of improving the performance and reliability of the network, projecting operators towards a 5.5G-proof future.

In detail, in fact, its completely convergent architecture also allows for improve its VM-based performance for a value that oscillates between 15% and 20%. So also to release the software in use from system updates and simplify the O&M. Huawei’s First Dual-Engine Container solution also allows you to manage both VMs and containers in compliance with ETSI standards.

It thus allows operators to integrare i container into existing networks through capacity expansion. Thus not having to resort to an implementation from scratch and consequently facilitating the sharing of existing resources. All of this improves integration by 25% and halves the TTM.

The 2023 edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in Barcelona, ​​from 27 February to 2 March. Huawei presents its range of products and solutions at the stand 1H50 in Hall 1 of Fira Gran Via. Together with global operators, industry professionals and opinion leaders, Huawei will address various topics.

These include the commercial success of 5G, the opportunities offered by 5.5G, sustainable development, digital transformation and the company’s vision. Hence the ‘GUIDE’ initiative which lays the foundations of 5.5G and which in turn leverages 5G for greater prosperity.

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