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Huawei, USA towards the total ban?

The contrast between USA and China it keeps getting worse. The United States could ban US suppliers from selling to Chinese giant Huawei. Here are the reasons that led to this choice.

According to the Financial Times, the Biden administration will not allow US companies to receive licenses to sell products to the Huawei company. In fact, no company will be allowed to export American technology to the Chinese giant anymore.

This decision had already been made since the days of the administration Trumpwhich had imposed on US companies the obligation to obtain licenses to sell devices to Huawei.

Last October, the administration of Democratic President Biden intensified the confrontation with China on a technological level, imposing export restrictions on semiconductors and lithographic machinery to several Chinese groups, a move dictated by fears for national security.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

The response from China was not long in coming. “It is pure technological hegemony. China strongly opposes the US generalization of the concept of national security, the abuse of state power and the unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning.

The reason seems to lie in the belief that, according to US security officials, the Shenzhen tech company would contribute to the espionage exercised by Beijing. However, this statement was denied by the tech giant, in fact it had the opportunity to sell its products without any problems, subject to obtaining the license that would have allowed the sale.

The one of Biden now it appears to be a permanent move. Indeed, the president has in charge Alan Estevezchief of the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security, of review trade policies towards China. In order to hinder the use of US technology, for example in the development of weapons.

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