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HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: now available in Italy

Huawei today announces the launch in Italy of HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, the first smartwatch made with quality materials and a luxury design, designed for lovers of extreme sports

Huawei announces HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate in Italy, the new top-of-the-range smartwatch packed with cutting-edge features for daring people who seek excellence. The case of HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is made of alloy Zirconium-based liquid metal, an innovative material that enhances its aesthetics making it a privileged choice among high-end watch models. Indeed, for the first time this material, usually reserved for traditional luxury watches, is being used for a smartwatch. Thanks to unique characteristics, in particular the strength and hardness greater than, respectively, 4.5 and 2.5 times that of stainless steelthe case of HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is able to withstand extreme temperatures and shocks.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: now available in Italy

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: a one-of-a-kind smartwatch

Available in two versions, Voyage Blue and Expedition Black, it can be worn while exploring rocky terrain and hot deserts, as well as flaunted at a gala dinner and in everyday life. The design of HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Voyage Blue is inspired by the disruptive force of the waves. With the deep blue nanocrystalline ceramic bezel that recalls the color of sea water, this edition is designed for those who love water sports. HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Expedition Black, on the other hand, was created for the bravest who prefer outdoor adventures. The satin-brushed body made from obsidian-colored zirconium consists of a nanocrystalline ceramic ring with an integrated speedometer.

Voyage Blue and Expedition Black’s dials display the time in 24 cities in 24 time zones, making it easy for traveling professionals to keep time easily and intuitively, wherever they are. Furthermore, it is possible to customize them thanks to the availability of different types of pre-set or downloadable dials from the Huawei Health app, choosing between premium versions and other more functional and practical ones, according to your needs. HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate features a display Thin and flexible 1.5-inch AMOLED LTPO, with a high-strength, fully laminated, wear-resistant sapphire crystal cover. The band on the Voyage Blue version is made from an aerospace-grade titanium alloy that is twice as durable as stainless steel, yet is much lighter; in addition, both models are equipped with an exclusive rubber strap hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) with remarkable mechanical properties and wear resistance, ideal for diving. The smartwatch also features three buttons like a traditional high-end watch: 3D rotating crownFunction button and Assistance button for more agile and practical interaction.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: now available in Italy

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: dive mode to explore the underwater world

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate redefines the standard of water resistance performance for smartwatches suitable for diving up to 100 meters. Thanks to a water resistance mechanism with a 16-element waterproof design, the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate can withstand extreme pressures in water up to 100 meters deep, also with the support of a built-in beeper capable of emitting sounds for multi-sensory alerts that help maintain your safety while underwater, a real innovation for smartwatches in the sector. The device has undergone regular water resistance tests ISO 22810 up to 10 ATM and EN13319 certified for diving equipment.

Dive mode offers 4 different underwater activities – recreational, technical, free and gauge diving – and allows you to measure and view your skin dive settings and the GF value (Gradient Factor). The device uses the decompression algorithm Bühlmann which monitors dive data on a continuous basis and provides real-time recommendations based on your surroundings; in addition, it allows you to set over 20 reminders, thus simplifying the organization and management of the dive plan.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: now available in Italy

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: avventure outdoor

To better enjoy a multi-day outdoor adventure, you need to have a device with you that can guarantee long-lasting battery life. Precisely to satisfy this need, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate integrates the new Expedition mode specially designed to be used in outdoor scenarios such as off-roading in the desert, camping and all kinds of excursions.

Thanks to the positioning features GNSS with five dual-frequency precision systems, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate offers professional-grade display of data in outdoor situations. The smartwatch accurately records the trajectory of movement through marking points, accurately supporting the navigation of marked points and recorded trajectories so you can easily return to your starting point or any previous location.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: now available in Italy

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate: the personal assistant on the wrist for practical, professional and complete monitoring

WATCH Ultimate includes a number of features for the accurate management of your well-being, sending notifications in case of irregular heart rate, screening for the risk of arteriosclerosis with the detection of arterial stiffness, HRV analysis, continuous monitoring of ‘SpO2, heart rate, sleep and stress. It also supports super-fast wireless charging which ensures battery life for up to two consecutive weeks of use. When the smartwatch battery runs low, the new advanced wireless fast charging system ensures a full charge in 60 minutes and by 25% in 10 minutes. It also includes a series of smart features for daily use of the device, in particular Bluetooth calls, quick replies to the main messaging apps, music playback and reminder alerts, thanks also to compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones.

Availability and price

From today, April 3, HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Expedition Black is available at a cost of 749,90 euro and HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Voyage Blue at the cost of 899,90 euro. Until April 23, with the purchase you can also get the top-of-the-range true wireless earphones for free HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 worth 199.90 euros. What do you think of the new devices offered by Huawei? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!

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