Huawei’s Watch Buds is coming, the first watch with integrated earbuds

In arrivo Watch Buds di Huawei, il primo orologio con earbuds integrati thumbnail

Huawei confirmed the former’s existence on the Chinese social network Weibo Watch Budswhich was scheduled to launch on December 2nd.

What is Watch Buds from Huawei

It is an out of the ordinary smartwatch: externally it has all the characteristics of a classic wristwatch, but in a digital and smart format. Yet as soon as you lift the dial, the Huawei smartwatch hides a surprise: a compartment with two slots containing a pair of earbuds.

Thanks to the Youtube channel QSQ Technology, we can take a close look at what Huawei’s Watch Buds are. From the video you can see the smartwatch formed by a round and quite important display which, once opened, reveals two small earphones.

Judging by how they remain anchored to the internal body, the earbuds could be magnetized and the fact that they are not very large suggests that the battery consumption of the Watch Buds itself could be very low.

QSQ Technology also confirms that Huawei’s built-in buds watch looks similar to the Watch 3while the operating system is always theHarmony OS.

The new product of the Chinese telephony giant is suitable for sportsmen, especially runners and cyclists. But even those who hate carrying backpacks, bags or clothes with pockets might find the solution designed by Huawei interesting, to have earphones always at hand.

When is the launch of the new smartwatch with integrated earbuds expected?

The launch date and its distribution have not yet been disclosed. Or, rather, in the past few hours Huawei has postponed the official presentation scheduled for December 2.

The communication was given through the account on Weibo and at present they have not been issued new launch dates.

What is certain is that this product takes a leap forward in the portability of earbuds. And it also follows the trail launched by HMDwhich surprised everyone this summer by launching a Nokia 5710 including slot for wireless earphones.

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