Hugging Face presenta HuggingChat, un chatbot AI in stile ChatGPT thumbnail

Hugging Face presenta HuggingChat, un chatbot AI in stile ChatGPT

Hugging Facethe startup specializing in artificial intelligence AI, has launched HuggingChatits own open source chatbot in stile ChatGPT. As well as the famous OpenAI AI, HuggingChat is able to write lines of code, draft e-mails and compose texts of various kinds.

The chatbot AI is developed by Open Assistanta project born from the efforts of LAIONa German non-profit association that has already maintained the AI ​​database Stable Diffusion (which we told you about here). Open Assistant aims to replicate the global success of ChatGPT, but with one major difference from OpenAI: its team is mostly made up of volunteers.

“We want to build the assistant of the future, capable of not only writing emails and cover letters, but also performing meaningful work, using APIs, dynamically searching for information and much more, with the ability to be customized and extended by anyone,” writes Open Assistant on its GitHub page. “And we want to do it in an open and accessible way. We not only want to build a powerful assistant, but also make it small and efficient enough to run on consumer hardware.”

HuggingChat: Hugging Face’s AI chatbot competes with ChatGPT

We can consider HuggingChat as the latest addition to the vast and increasingly populated world of conversational AI. Just last week Stability AI launched StableLM, a set of templates that can generate code and text based on basic instructions. Everyone seems to refer to ChatGPT which, we recall, is currently at the center of a controversy in Italy. The chatbot has been suspended indefinitely nationwide.

Meanwhile, Russia has also launched its own AI-based language model: GigaChatreleased in beta by the Russian bank Sberbank.

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