Human: Fall Flat+ disponibile da oggi su Apple Arcade thumbnail

Human: Fall Flat+ available today on Apple Arcade

Human: Fall Flat+ available today on Apple Arcade thumbnail

Human: Fall Flat+ from 505 Games is available today on Apple Arcade. It’s a fun and light-hearted physics-based platformer. Set amid floating dreamscapes, it can be played solo or up to four players online. Between mansions and castles, snow-capped mountains and eerie nightscapes, each level is a new adventure to explore. Full of non-trivial puzzles and hilarious situations.

Human: Fall Flat+, the Apple Arcade platformer is finally available

This award-winning and action-packed game comes to Apple Arcade in the “App Store Masterpieces” collection, which brings the most popular and critically acclaimed games from the App Store to Arcade subscribers. This game joins other award-winning and recently added titles to the service, such as “Dead Cells+”, “Lifeline+”, “Old Man’s Journey+”, “GRIS+” and many more.

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Apple Arcade game updates

  • “Warped Kart Racers” – Introduces new campaign “Legend” to single player mode.
  • “Crossy Road Castle” – Hunt for hidden Easter eggs in all towers in a brand new Easter-themed challenge event starting on April 3rd.
  • “Fruit Ninja Classic+” – Jump up and decorate Easter Eggs in a special event. Get the “Fruit Decorator Llama” and the “Decorated Dojo” in the Easter event, from March 31st until April 16th.
  • “Football Manager 2023 Touch” – Includes “Asian transfer window” for teams from participating leagues.
  • “LEGO Star Wars: Castaways” – A new monthly event inspired by “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, with new test levels.
  • “Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!” – Challenge yourself with the new horse “Blossom Breeze” added to the Recommended Horses section.
  • “LEGO Brawls” – Discover new Castle-themed minifigures, emotes and power-ups, along with a brand new game mode, where players work together to collect resources to build their own tower and try to destroy the opponents’.
  • “JellyCar Worlds” – Available the “World 8”, the last world of adventures, and a new function to customize the music playlist.
  • “SP!NG” – Immerse yourself in another chapter with 18 new pinnacle levels.
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