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HUMANKIND is finally available: here is the launch trailer

The wait is finally over: HUMANKIND, the new game developed by Aplitude Studios and published by SEGA, is finally available.

HUMANKIND is finally available: the launch trailer

To celebrate the launch of a game that can be used in different modes, from Standard to Deluxe Edition, passing through, Steam, Epic Games Store, Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass for PC, here is the trailer that accompanied the official arrival on the market.

From the bizarre – contemporary – landing on the Moon of an American astronaut to a Brazilian one to the urban agglomerations of today, passing through the civilizations of navigators, the Punic Wars and much more: in two and a half minutes what the game can be pleasantly concentrated , with two main claims.

“Be the first to make history” – Yes, the first to make history
“How far will you push” – How far can you push yourself

Two slogans that make us understand the mold of a videogame that is intended to entertain and not a little.

HUMANKIND has arrived, but it promises not to stop: the game on the great eras of human civilization will offer continuous developments and updates in the future.

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