HUMANKIND si mostra in un nuovo trailer in vista dell'uscita thumbnail

HUMANKIND is shown in a new trailer ahead of the release

HUMANKIND shows up in a new trailer ahead of the thumbnail release

There are just a few days left for the debut of HUMANKIND. The new game, developed by Aplitude Studios and published by SEGA, will, in fact, be available starting from the next 17th of August. Ahead of the debut, the title is shown in new trailer The Scale of Humankind. Note that the game will come up PC e Stadia and will be included, at no additional cost, also in the catalog of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, as announced in these hours.

HUMANKIND: new trailer ahead of the debut

The new trailer of HUMANKIND comes a few days after the game’s debut, expected on August 17th. The title will be available in a week and will aim to surprise fans of 4X strategy games. The title will offer a lot of content, promising hours and hours of fun.

The new trailer released in these hours is a real overview of all the contents that characterize the title. The project is extremely ambitious and, as the trailer makes clear, will provide players with lots of content to discover.

Here is the trailer:

Available in a few days

HUMANKIND is ready for its official debut. The game will be available next 17th of August ed it can be booked through the official website. Note that the game will be included at no additional cost for all Game Pass subscribers on PC. Note that the physical version of the game can be booked on Amazon, from the box below, for PC.

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