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Husqvarna nell’Alleanza Power for All

The brand of Outdoor Power Equipment and intelligent lawn care Husqvarna joins the Alliance Power for All. The alliance, born two years ago, uses a common 18V battery system for all brands. This way consumers will be able to use the same battery. Outside or inside the house.

Husqvarna joins the Power for All Alliance

The Power for All Alliance includes many manufacturers of battery products, used both in the home and in the garden. Husqvarna joined in to add value to customers for “smart” battery solutions for the private garden. Gardenaa brand of the Husqvarna group in the gardening sector, joined the alliance two years ago.

Bosch initiated the Alliance and manufactures the battery solution., Designed for maximum benefit to end customers. To date beyond 25 million batteries supporting the Power for All Alliance They were sold.

Sofia Axelsson, President Residential EPAC, Husqvarna Forest & Garden, explains: “Our passion is to help consumers care for their gardens in an intelligent, convenient and sustainable way. For this simple reason we are very happy to join this alliance, as we know that many consumers want a robust and reliable battery that they can use for many of their home and garden tools. A solution with a single battery, as opposed to one with multiple batteries, is better for the environment and also saves money for the consumer”.

Now Husqvarna aims to launch a compatible solution for next year, through the company’s network of authorized resellers and eCommerce.

Current members of the Power for Alliance, in addition to Husqvarna, Gardena e Bosch, includono Flymo, Gloria, Steinel, Rapid, Wagner, Perfect Pro e Kübler Workwear. Qhis gives customers access to DIY household appliances, gardening and cleaning equipment, household appliances, surface coating, leisure and camping products. All with one battery.

Great news for the environment, and for our pockets.

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