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I monitor da gaming Samsung in offerta su Amazon

I monitor Samsung I’m on offer on Amazon. Not all of them though. The Korean company has decided to discount some models for a limited time da gaming, therefore designed to meet the needs of both casual and competitive gamers. But what are the discounted products? Let’s find out the most interesting.

I monitor Samsung in offerta su Amazon

You have a PC to play, you have found some good gaming peripherals but do you miss the right monitor? Do you want to fully enjoy your favorite movies in streaming? Samsung monitors are designed to deliver crisp and vivid images, as well as fast response and high performance. Let’s see some of them.

Samsung Monitor Gaming Odyssey G3

samsung monitor

The monitor 27-inch Odyssey has technology Flicker Free which removes the annoying flickering of the screen, while the mode Eye Saver minimizes blue light emissions. Super fast, with Refresh Rate 144 Hz, which eliminates image lag and motion blur for exhilarating gaming sessions with super-smooth action. The design borderless on 3 sides of the Samsung Gaming Monitor unveils maximum space for wider and bolder gameplay.

The feature that makes it special is the ability to rotate, tilt and adjust the monitor to get a perfect view. The display can be moved freely so that you can find maximum gaming comfort. On sale for only 199 euro.

Samsung C24RG52FQU, il monitor da gaming curvo

monitor samsung

Samsung C24RG52 is a 24 inch curved gaming monitor, designed for an atmospheric and realistic gaming experience. The screen has a curvature of 1800R, Full resolutionHD and a 144Hz refresh rate.

This monitor, thanks to the function AMD Radeon FreeSync, allows you to view sharp and very fluid sequences, eliminating clicks and latencies. In addition, the monitor integrates the viewfinder Virtual Aim Point, which improves aim, and mode Low Input Lag, which reduces slowdowns.

Another point in favor, this Samsung monitor allows you to play for a long time without straining your eyes because it has a mode Eye Saver, which reduces blue light emissions while thanks to technology Flicker Free eliminates annoying flickering phenomena, offering optimal visual comfort.

The initial price of 229 euros, now discounted to 169,00 euro your Amazon

Samsung C27F396, other curved monitor

monitor samsung

Samsung C27F396 is a curved monitor, designed to wrap the field of view like in an iMax cinema and capable of expanding the field of view and increasing depth perception. The dimensions here become 24 inches, but we still find the mode Eye Saver e Flicker Free to increase the feeling of comfort in the long run.

ll VA panel ensures a contrast of 3000: 1 allowing you to get intense blacks, excellent whites and still sharp and vivid images. Thanks to the dynamic synchronization between the monitor and the frames of the content, the AMD FreeSync technology allows you to minimize interruptions and delays allowing you to play to the best of your ability. Instantly optimizing the colors and contrast of the screen. Perfect for lovers of movies and TV series.

The initial price of this Samsung monitor is 229 euros, but you can buy it on Amazon for 168 euro.

Samsung U28E570D, a 4K flat monitor

monitor samsung

Samsung U28E570D is the monitor 4K suitable for those looking for sharp images full of realistic details. With a resolution of 8 million pixels, this monitor UltraHD 4K takes the visual experience to very high levels of involvement, thanks to the time of 1ms response.

The monitor, from 28 inches e 60 Hz, supports a billion colors and a high brightness level. Also, with the function Picture-by-Picture you have the ability to view two different input sources on a single screen and, thanks to the optimized support of PIP 2.0, it is possible to resize one of the two images up to 25%, positioning it where you prefer.

The viewing experience of the Samsung 4K monitor is also made enjoyable by the modes EyeSaver e Flicker Free, which reduce blue light emissions and flicker.

The cost of this 4K monitor is 329.99 euros, but you can find it on offer on Amazon at 249,99  euro.

The other Samsung monitors on offer

Those proposed are just some of the products on offer, but as you can imagine, the Amazon catalog offers many more. You can find here the other Samsung monitors currently discounted, there are some for every need and pocket. From the cheapest, up to the most innovative and high-end models. If you’re worried about making a hasty purchase, you can check out our in-depth guide on how to choose the right monitor so you can be on the safe side and don’t waste money.

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