I/O FLIP: Google’s game that uses artificial intelligence

Google lancia I/O FLIP: un gioco online con personaggi generati da intelligenza artificiale thumbnail

Google has created an online card game that uses some of its generative artificial intelligence tools to showcase their capabilities ahead of the event Google I/O. The game is called I/O FLIP and consists of creating and challenging automatically generated characters from DreamBooth e Musetwo deep learning models that turn text into images.

The descriptions of the characters are instead produced by the API PaLmanother Ai tool.

How Google I/O FLIP works

The game is built on Flutter, an application development framework, and uses Dart as a programming language for the backend. For hosting and sharing, the game leans on Firebase e Google Cloud.

Aside from the technical details, I/O FLIP is inspired by the hugely popular Marvel SNAP and has simple but fun rules. The player must choose the class and power of his character to then receive a deck of cards with three characters generated based on his choices.

At that point he will be able to face another player in a best-of-three match, in which each card has an elemental power (air, water, fire, metal or earth) and a strength value from 10 to 100. Whoever wins two rounds out of three wins the game and climbs the rankings. The game offers thousands of different characters, such as Dash, Sparky, Dino and Android.

You can try it yourself at this link.