iCloud Passwords lands on Windows PC: here’s how it works

iCloud Passwords lands on Windows PC: here's how it works

Apple has released a new Chrome extension for Windows. Let’s talk about iCloud Passwords. Let’s find out what it is for in this article

Once again Apple is watching the world of with great interest PC Windows. The intent of the Redmond multinational is clear: to make its way and increase the number of consumers, consequently increasing the diffusion of its digital services. Recently the company has also released iCloud Password which will allow you to remember (without having to type again) the passwords saved on Safari be on Mac than on iPhone e iPad.

This password saving service has also been incorporated into Chrome per Windows and published as an extension. The plugin is in fact available at the appropriate web store of the Windows home browser. This news can only make the owners smile Apple mobile devices but not in possession of Mac. Through this extension the user will be able to use the memory of all the passwords even within the Microsoft operating system, thus significantly increasing the productivity and the comfort.

iCloud Passwords lands on Windows PC: here's how it works

How to get started using iCloud Passwords on Windows

As a first step to start using this useful extension you will need to update iCloud per Windows to version 12.0. After updating it, just open it and check the implementation of the new section called “Password” in the list of services made available. Finally, the “Apply” button will be displayed and must be clicked. After that you will be redirected to Chrome Web Store. After finishing the download which will start automatically you will have to confirm the changes made.

A huge step forward of the giant of Cupertino which, after synchronizing files, photos and mail, also extends the password storage service on Safari. We must not think that this is an absolute novelty. Gradually Apple has increased the usability of its services also on Windows. Just think of Apple TV+ (i.e. the video streaming service that aims to compete with Netflix and Prime Video) also extended on Xbox. It is said that there is also an intention to release apps soon Music e Podcast even within the Microsoft Store gods PC Windows and of Xbox.

What do you think of this new integration of iCloud Passowords? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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