idealo: will the price of the iPhone 14 go down? In how many months?

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Apple presented its new smartphones on 7 September. But how long must those who think that at the moment cost too much have to wait? an ideal carried out a study to predict how much the price of the iPhone 14 in the coming months.

idealo: how much the price of the iPhone 14 will vary in the coming months

Although Apple announced unchanged prices for the base version of the iPhone in the United States, the dollar-euro exchange rate, inflation and supply problems have meant that the price was higher than in the past. The new generation of iPhone 14 costs too much for some users. But how long will they have to wait to see a drop in prices?

According to idealo, iPhone 14 it has already depreciated after only one month: the price drops by 8.8% and you can buy it at 938 euro or even less on some e-commerce platforms. For the next three months, the price will remain around these figures. After the fourth, we will be around 10%: therefore around 120 euros less than the initial 1,029 euros. And then five months, the price will drop by 17%.

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The value of the Pro model, which takes advantage of the new 48MP camera and the much discussed Dynamic Island, will remain similar for longer. A significant drop of 14% will only come after the first six months, bringing a saving of around 180 euros on the basic price of 1,339 euros.

Instead the model Pro Max, which starts at 1,489 euros (and exceeds the 2,000 threshold for the 1TB model) will remain virtually unchanged. It should drop by 11% after six months (about 163 euros) and by 13% (about 193 euros) after nine months.

These price drops are less pronounced than in the past. iPhone 12 Pro dropped by 18% after six months and iPhone 13 Pro by 15%. So consider whether it is convenient to wait for the purchase of your iPhone.