IIDEA and Women in Games present the guide “Building a fair playing field”

IIDEA e Women in Games presentano la guida "Costruire un campo da gioco equo" thumbnail

IDEAin collaboration with Women in Games Italiapresented “Building a fair playing field“. It is a guide that wants to propose the gender equality in the video game sector, providing ideas and direct evidence of good professional practices. The international guide, of which the Italian guide represents an adaptation, was created by Women in Games with the support of the European federation ISFEof which IIDEA is a member, and of inGAMEresearch and development center for the video game industry based in Dundee.

IIDEA and Women in Games present the guide “Building a fair playing field”

Luisa BixioVice President of IIDEA, stated:

“Today the video game industry employs around 90,000 people in Europe, of which 20% are women. In Italy the percentage rises to 23% as shown by the last census carried out by IIDEA in 2021. However, we have a large margin of growth if we consider that 44% of people who play video games in Italy are female. With this in mind, we are convinced that driving can be an incredibly useful tool for operators in the sector with the aim of encouraging greater openness and far-sightedness and of making work environments increasingly inclusive and open to representing diversity “.

The Guide was created on the basis of United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principleswhich aim to create a high-level business leadership. Their goal is to promote gender equality, treating men and women fairly in the workplace and promoting respect and the promotion of human rights and of non-discrimination; ensure the salutethe safety and the Welfare of all male and female workers e foster educationthe training and it professional development of women.

These principles are the result of the collaboration between the United Nations Global Compact e UN Women, adapted from the Calvert Women’s Principles. Also Micaela Romaninifounder of Women in Games Italy, wanted to comment on the presentation of the new guide.

“The issue of gender inclusion pervades every activity, from the school system to professional opportunities, and thanks to the work carried out by the United Nations and the European Union with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, gender equality is supported as a target essential for achieving a sustainable society and economy. With Women in Games Italia, we are actively committed to promoting an inclusive and equal ecosystem, collaborating with IIDEA and our parent organization Women in Games. The publication of this Guide makes it possible to address fair ethical and social practices and to imagine a very positive future for our sector ”.

Building a fair playing field

The guide presented by IIDEA and Women in Games also contains some recommendations elaborate da Women in Games in persona, per help companies e organizations to take advantage of the cutting-edge training work being carried out to build a fair playing field. Here are some of them:

  • Use key information about gender, age sensitivedrawn from existing research on STEM and STEAM to inform and develop impactful programs and initiatives.
  • Include games, their history, and their play in core school curricula at all levels, working to influence program design at the highest political levels.
  • Provide professional role models when engaging with educators and the educational community.
  • Educate students and educatorsregardless of their gender, at all levels of the curriculum, on the gendered nature of play and the universal importance and benefits of gender equality.
  • Develop a variety of conventional and unconventional educational initiatives to address the widest possible audience of young people.
  • Fund and support scholarship programs specifically aimed at girls and to girls, in collaboration with educational institutions.
  • Make professional roles and functions within the industry transparent; develop materials in collaboration with educational institutions and organizations such as Women in Games to communicate the rich career opportunities available in the industry.
  • Encourage greater participation of women in the gaming and esports industries, enabling positive role models to engage with women and girls.
  • For more information on the guide you can consult the official site.