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IIDEA presents the Report on esports in Italy in 2022

IIDEA presented today the new Report on esports in Italycreated in collaboration with Nielsen. Here are all the details.

IIDEA presents the Report on eSports in Italy: who are the fans?

The esports enthusiasts in Italy they are mainly men (63%) among i 21 and 40 years with an average age of 28 yearsand educational level it’s a above-average income of the population. Among avid fans, these characteristics are accentuated: 56% declare an education at least university and 63% a Monthly wage over € 1500.

The passion for esports turns out to be lasting for this category of fans: the 37% in fact, he declared to follow them for at least 3 years. 59% of the fans also dedicate 2 to 7 hours a week to activities related to the esports world.

Why are fans so dedicated to esports? For theentertainment. The factor is also of high importance aggregation and thebelonging to a community. One of the main reasons for following esports is, in fact, the desire to spend time with friends with whom we share the same passion.

The videogame genre most played on consoles is that sporty. In second place are the shooter, which are also the most played genre on PC; later we find Battle Royale e MOBA. Finally, on mobile, games are mainly played by strategy.

Additionally, research highlights what an esports fan has a game account on multiple different platforms; 68%, on the other hand, have at least one account out of one large digital, among which PlayStation Store stands out; the 55% signed up for at least one subscription services in which it excels Twitch Prime.

Among the devices most used to follow events, however, we find PCs and smartphones.

Fan Token

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To learn more about the interest theme of enthusiasts towards fan token e NFTIIDEA has analyzed the relationship with these trends of fans of esports, soccer e motorsport. In particular, the fanbase esports declares to have a greater knowledge of these phenomena (67%); however, the interest is less than that of the football and motorsport fanbases.

Esports fans, moreover, show a higher interest in the rights relating to the exclusivity of content or awards e discounts for merchandising or ticketing. For the most passionate fans also the active participation in team initiatives and being able to participate in exclusive forums or chats are aspects of interest.

Round One e gli Italian Esports Awards

IIDEA e Ninetynine some have also unveiled updates in the approach path a Round Onethe first international business event dedicated to esports in Italy, to the Italian Esports Awards (IEA)the prestigious industry awards.

The third edition of Round One will be held on 25 and 26 October 2022 at OGR Torino and this year makes use of the strategic partnership of dentsu gaming. Round One restarts from the excellent results of the last edition with a new concept: The Very Next Level.

Round One will also host the awards ceremony for the Italian Esports Awardsthe award dedicated to excellence in the world of esports in Italy.

To read the full version of the Report on Esports in Italy in 2022, you can consult the official site.

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