IIDEA unveils the program of the first Italian Video Game Student Conference

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In about a month, precisely the 7 and 8 October 2022it will start PRESS START – Video Game Student Conference. The initiative designed by IIDEA for students who want to find a professional outlet in the video game sector will be held at National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Cultural Partner of the event. Let’s find out the official program, recently unveiled by IIDEA.

PRESS START – Video Game Student Conference, the program for October 2022

The event will begin Friday 7 October at 10.00 with institutional greetings from Luisa BixioVice President of IIDEA e Luca Roncella, Head of Gaming & Digital Interactivity of the Museum. An introduction of Andrea Dresseno, curator of the initiative. We will then enter the heart of the event with the panels dedicated to Game Design (from 11.00 to 12.00) and atArt Direction (from 12.00 to 13.00).

The first will see the participation of Martina Dell’Acqua (UX Designer of Ubisoft Milan), Federico Spada (Milestone Lead Game Designer) e Claudia Molinari (Game Designer of We Are Muesli), while the second will be animated by Mauro Ferrari (Art Director of Nacon Studio Milan), Manuel Labbate (Art Director and Lead Artist 2D of the Trinity Team) e Immacolata Botti (Art Director di MixedBag).

In the afternoon, it starts again at 2.00 pm with the panel dedicated to Programming. They will participate in this panel Mauro Gentile (Lead Gameplay Programmer di Ubisoft Milan), Davide Bianchi (Senior Software Engineer of Nacon Studio Milan), Mattia Frigerio (Lead Programmer di Reply Game Studios) e Marco Ronchetti (Lead Game Engineering & Tools di Milestone).

Then, at 3.30 pm, Paolo Armao (Audio Director di 34BigThings), Luca Piccina (Audio Director of Nacon Studio Milan) e Ascari (Music Composer) will discuss the professions related to sound sector in the panel dedicated to Music and sound effects. Finally, at 16.30 Riccardo Rossi (Milestone QA Manager) e Marco Joele Nicolini (Lead QA of Nacon Studio Milan) will tell the public what it means to work in the area of QA e testing.

The first day will end with the award ceremony of the Video Game Student Awards, the awards that IIDEA has established to enhance students’ creativity. A jury of industry professionals will award three different awards – Fresco Award, Luna Award and Strano Award – to the most original projects carried out in group work.

Second day of the PRESS START

He is recovering Saturday 8 October at 10.00 with the panel dedicated to Productionin which they will participate Luca Cafasso (Producer di 34BigThings), Violetta Leoni (Executive Producer di One O One Games) e Domiziana Suprani (Producer of Studio Evil).

At 11.00 the second meeting dedicated to theArt Direction con Francesca Zacchia (2D Artist at Yonder), Christian Ronchi (Lead Artist at Reply Game Studios) e Gianluca Fanti (Associate Animation Director of Ubisoft Milan). The morning will close with the appointment in which Francesca Franzi (Group Product Manager di Milestone), Alessandra Farina (Product Marketing Manager di Rortos) e Samuel Perseus (Reply Game Studios Product Manager) will discuss the professions related to the area Marketing and comunication.

The afternoon resumes at 2.00 pm with a panel dedicated to Narrative Design edited by Andrea Babich (Narrative Director di Ubisoft Milan), Fabio Pagetti (Creative Director di Reply Game Studios) e Daniele Azara (Chief Creative Officer di One O One Games).

The two days of PRESS START – Video Game Student Conference they will then close with a moment, Women in Games, dedicated to women who work in the video game industry. Here they will intervene Elisa Di Lorenzo (Director of Untold Games), Arianna Ortelli (CEO of Novice Games) ed Eva Sturlese (Studio Manager of Idra Interactive Studios).

To conclude, starting today it is possible register for free for the event to request one of the limited places availablethrough the EventBrite platform.