IKEA Kreativ, the new AI-based design tool: easy and intuitive

IKEA Kreativ, il nuovo tool di progettazione basato sull'AI: facile e intuitivo thumbnail

IKEA Italia announces the arrival on the territory of IKEA Creativethe innovative interior design tools based on artificial intelligence, available on the website and within the IKEA app. Easy to use and intuitive for users, IKEA Kreativ encourages customers to express their creativity. Additionally, it allows them to visualize the effect the furniture will have in their homes through a realistic interactive design experience.

How the new IKEA Kreativ tool works

IKEA Kreativ uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and vision technologiessimilar to those used in self-driving cars, to allow customers to optimize the furnishing of the spaces of their home.

These technologies include specially trained artificial intelligence neural networks to recognize objects and the geometry of interior spaces, 3D stereoscopic vision algorithms, computational photography algorithms to provide enhanced images, and mixed reality 3D graphics to ensure a realistic effect. Artificial intelligence algorithms also allow IKEA Kreativ to erase some or all existing furniture from the sceneso that customers can redefine your spaces starting from scratch.

From the research results of IKEA’s Life at Home Report it emerged that, following the pandemic, over 60% of customers had to introduce substantial changes in the functional aspects of their home is that, when the inhabited space reflects the identity and uniqueness of those who live there, you are more likely to have a positive approach towards life at home.

As the number of consumers shopping online continues to grow, IKEA wants to provide an even more immersive experience where people can feel the magical atmosphere of physical stores even from home through a virtual space.

What IKEA Kreativ allows you to do

IKEA Kreativ allows customers to:

  • Explore inspiring 3D environments: Customers can explore over 50 furnished 3D environments to find ideas and solutions and try out products in realistic environments, swapping, moving and rotating them quickly and easily.
  • Design your own spaces: through the Scene Scanner function of IKEA Kreativ, integrated into the IKEA app, customers can create realistic 3D replicas of their spaces to modify and furnish with IKEA products. They can take a series of photographs of a room, which are automatically assembled into a wide-angle interactive replica of the space, with accurate dimensions and perspectives. You can virtually remove existing furniture, place new IKEA furniture, quickly replace it with alternative solutions and completely design an empty room.
  • Proceed with the purchase even from home, in a simple and intuitive way: Once they’ve designed the perfect room, customers can directly add products to their cart and purchase them from the app or site, save design ideas to their IKEA account, and even share them with family and friends for inspiration and advice. Since the virtual rooms are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed wherever you are, from different devices. Customers can also bring their own projects into the store using the IKEA mobile app.

How to access the design experience

Consumers can access the room design experience by downloading the IKEA app for free from the App Store for Apple devices and Play Store for Android devices or by visiting the site.

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