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Iliad and the nighttime shutdown of frequencies

After having put it into practice in France, also in Italy Iliad he decided to practice it “Night shutdown“. A decision due to the desire to reduce electricity consumption in this phase of global energy crisis. However, this should not create any disservice for users.

Iliad proposes night shutdown also in Italy

We are all getting to grips with increasingly higher energy costs. Maybe making some sacrifices, but with reason: one thing is to use the lowest temperature for the washing machine, another is to wash clothes in the river.

Iliad has decided to put into practice a similar reasoning, which should allow a discrete energy savings without creating problems for users. Something he has already put into practice in France: the night shutdown of part of the frequencies of the mobile network.

How does it work

Phone traffic is always decreasing at night – most people are asleep and don’t need to know what’s trending on TikTok. Therefore the available network bands are only partially exploited, in an inefficient way from an energy point of view. By putting some of these frequencies offline, Iliad’s antennas will consume less.

Iliad antenna night shutdown

In practice it would be as if it were possible to close part of the lanes on the motorway when the traffic drops, and then reopen them when needed. In Franci, Iliad is turning off part of the frequency 2.100 MHz (rete 4G e 3G) e 3,5 GHz (rete 5G) to save energy.

However, Iliad makes it known that the traffic will be constantly monitored in an intelligent way. Should there be a large influx of data, stay other lines can be opened automatically. And likewise, businesses and consumers who need to surf even at night will have the same kind of service they have during the day.

According to Iliad, this strategy should have zero impact on users, but it could reduce energy consumption by 10% for each radio site involved. A result that could make the difference both economically for Iliad and ecologically, for all of us.

Iliad, however, will arrive at these results a little at a time, starting with the first antenas and then increasing to cover all 10 thousand stations of the operatorwhich in four years in Italy he recorded over 9 million users.

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