iliad Flash 180, the operator’s new 5G offer

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iliad has introduced its new FLASH 180 mobile offer. Until September 14, users have the option to subscribe to this offer which includes 180GB data in 4G/4G+ and 5G, all at the incredibly affordable price of €9.99 per month.

iliad Flash 180, the operator’s new 5G offer

The offer FLASH 180 is the protagonist of a summer campaign which highlights one of the operator’s key promises: stability over time. This concept of “forever” has become a hallmark of iliad in the telecommunications world.

iliad keeps the prices of its offers constant over time, offering consumers the certainty of an unchanged cost. Something that ensures that you will continue to take advantage of 5G for less than 10 euros even after the end of the summer.

Indeed, this offer offers the opportunity to enjoy the vAdvantages of the 5G connection for less than €10, making iliad an incredibly affordable option for those looking for next-level performance. Here is a comparison with other operators.

And that’s not all: iliad users who already have an offer active can easily upgrade to the new FLASH 180, thus obtaining a greater amount of GB available. The activation of the offer is simple and accessible, both online on the website and at the numerous points of sale distributed throughout the territory, including iliad Corner, iliad Point, iliad Express e iliad Space.

If you want to take advantage of the offer, remember that it will only remain active until 14 September.

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