Iliad offers a zero-interest loan for the purchase of iPhones

Iliad propone un finanziamento a tasso zero per l'acquisto di iPhone thumbnail

The new partnership between Iliad and the European fintech Younited allows users to buy an iPhone smartphone with zero interest financing. From today, anyone who wants to buy an Apple smartphone with iliad mobile will be able to do so in convenient installments, without having to pay anything in advance and with a fast, entirely online purchase process.

The new service is in addition to the one-time payment option and will be available for all iliad mobile userseven new customers

How Iliad’s zero-interest iPhone loan works

With the 0% rate loan offered by iliad in collaboration with Younited Pay, the user will be able to pay in 12 or 24 monthsi, with the first installment 30 days after receiving the smartphone.

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Furthermore, you will be able to obtain a discount on the value of the loan, and therefore on the monthly payment, by choosing one of the following options:

  • Spot trade-in. It allows the user to exchange an Apple device and immediately obtain a discount on the installment, equal to the value of the used device.
  • Forward trade-in. It allows you to have a reduction on the amount to be financed equal to the residual value of the device by choosing to return the iPhone at the end of the financing period.

The user can choose the loan that best suits his needs, by combining one or both trade-in optionswhich reduce the installment as much as possible and allow you to give new life to old devices, limiting the effect of electronic devices on the environment.

All phases of the purchase and the Younited Pay interest-free loan application take place entirely online (at this link): from the selection of the preferred model to the conclusion of the loan application, which will be examined by Younited, and of which you will receive response in seconds.