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Iliad: the new communication campaign On Air

Transparency in offers, clarity in prices, simplicity for users: these are the pillars of the new Iliad campaign

The communication campaign is inspired by the process of video identification during the activation of online offers and from the Simboxes present in addition 1,500 points of sale. This process represents one of the distinctive features of entry into the community, unique in the telecommunications panorama in Italy. Users are asked to record a video in which in addition to their name and surname, they pronounce “and I choose iliad”!

Iliad: the new communication campaign On AirIliad: the new communication campaign On Air

Iliad: the new campaign

In the campaign this declaration is told through three subjects who clearly highlight the uniqueness of the brand and the declared mission of bringing transparency and clarity to the market, also through the ability to improve the experience of customers. users That they always know what to expectThese are the distinctive characteristics described in the campaign:

  • The semplicity. Choosing an iliad offer is so easy that it can be done anywhere. From Simbox, a smart and digital sales tool that has revolutionized the process of purchasing a SIM, making it easier, faster and more sustainable – because it is free from the numerous traditionally photocopied documents – via the iliad Space or the iliad website .
  • Transparency. One of iliad's fundamental values ​​on which the relationship of trust established with users from day one is based. Transparency means offers without constraints and without hidden costs, users don't have to worry about finding unwelcome surprises on bills or ambiguous clauses in contracts.
  • Forever. Choosing iliad means having the certainty of offers guaranteed forever: the price of the subscribed offer never changes, like the most solid loves. (Live from April 5)


Finally, at the end of all episodes, a voiceover reminds us how the operator's offers are available for all users, with a desecrating irony, typical of tone of voice of the brand, stigmatizing the bad practice of reserved offers: rates that are not accessible to everyone, but are reserved only for users coming from another brand.

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