Illy presenta la nuova macchina del caffè illy ESE, piccola e compatta thumbnail

Illy presents the new illy ESE coffee machine, small and compact

Preparing a coffee with the easiest and fastest gesture now becomes a more conscious act thanks to the new illy ESE, the super compact machine that relaunches, in domestic use, the use of ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, the timeless single portion with the perfect dose of coffee enclosed between two layers of filter paper, certified compostable and transferable in the organic *.

A minimal and supple design enhances the versatility of the new illy ESE conceived to fit into any space and make the pleasure of a good coffee a habit to be enjoyed comfortably at home. The automatic pod insertion and ejection mechanism makes the use of the ESE system even more practical, with the machine reaching the ideal brewing temperature from the first cup, in the two espresso and long options, for a sustainable, clean and free preparation. waste.

With the new illy ESE you enter an experience of responsible and contemporary consumption, made even more complete by joining the illy subscription programs combined with the launch of the machine, to have the convenience of a constant supply of ESE pods available in the variants Classic roasted, in the double espresso and long references, Intense and Decaffeinated.

The launch of the new ESE certified compostable paper pods marks a further step in the initiative #OneMakesTheDifference, with the aim of leading the company to become carbon neutral by 2033 through a multi-year program of development of new products which also includes X1 Anniversary E.S.E. & Ground and eco-sustainable disposable materials.

illy ESE is available in the unmistakable illy red and in the new black color on the illy e-shop, in the single-brand stores (illy Caffè and illy Shop), and in the Eldom channel at the recommended retail price of € 129.

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