Immortality: A new detective arrives from the developers of Her Story

Gli sviluppatori di Her Story svelano un nuovo horror investigativo chiamato Immortality thumbnail

It’s called Immortality and it’s the new horror videogame project by Sam Barlow, former developer of Her Story and Telling Lies.

Immortality will be an investigative horror

Not really a movie. Not just a video game. The story of Immortality, which is now presented as “a trilogy of interactive films”. The idea comes from Sam Barlow, game designer already known for Her Story, Telling Lies and the two British-style Silent Hill (Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered). While the concept is similar to Barlow’s other works, NME reports that the new title will have a much stronger visual component.

Immortality tells the story of Marissa Marcel, an actress who made three films in her career: Ambrosio in 1968, Minsky in 1970 and Two Of Everything in 1999. However, none of these films have ever been released in theaters. It will be up to the players to dig through a large archive of backstage footage and videos from the sets to reconstruct the plot of the films and find out what happened to Marissa Marcel.

As announced last year, the game is signed by some important authors such as Allan Scott (The Queen of Chess and Don’t Look Now), Amelia Gray (Mr. Robot and Maniac) and Barry Gifford (Wild Heart and Lost Roads). The game will be released for PC and Xbox Series X | S this summer. The logo on the trailer also suggests an exit on the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

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