Imoo Ear-care Headset: the first TWS earphones for children

Imoo Ear-care Headset: the first TWS earphones for children

We present Imoo Ear-care Headset, the first TWS headphones designed specifically to be used by the little ones, also affected in this period by the pandemic and often forced to stay at home with remote teaching

Following the recent global launch of Watch Phone Z6, a leading brand in children’s technology, imoo is pleased to announce the global availability of its imoo Ear-care Headset. These are the first TWS headphones for children of this kind with an 85 dB limit for earphone volume to ensure that the potential for hearing damage is drastically reduced to child-safe levels. It is also equipped with sound transmission outside the ears to ensure that children maintain environmental sound awareness even when using the headset.

Imoo Ear-care Headset: the first TWS earphones for children

Imoo Ear-care Headset: Designed to promote hearing health

Built to ensure that volumes are always at a child-friendly level, the volume of the imoo Ear-care headphones it reaches a maximum of 85dB to meet the recommendations of the World Health Organization to protect children’s ears from early hearing damage. Allowing children to hear their surroundings when they are using the headset, so whenever they are on the way home, on the playground or at the park, the imoo Ear-care headset always has safety in mind because it is designed to make sure children are aware of what is around them.

Imoo Ear-care Headset: clear and precise audio

The imoo Ear-care headset offers the best sound quality of any audio device made exclusively for children they will be able to hear crystal clear sound sent directly to their ear canals, while also ensuring their privacy when they use it. This is possible thanks to the unique soundbeaming speakers. With a comfortable design, the imoo Ear-care headset has a first-of-its-kind external ear design, built specifically for children and made for directionally transmit sound to children’s ears for a truly unique experience that is always stable on their head.

Imoo Ear-care Headset: the first TWS earphones for children

Main features and specifications:

  • Soundbeaming speaker large size 16.2 mm
  • Infrared usage sensor for automatic start and pause
  • IP54 resistant to dust and water
  • Extremely light and anti-allergic materials
  • Strong and sturdy design built to stay on children’s heads
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 10m range.
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • 1 hour quick charge

Prices and availability

TWS imoo Ear-care Headsets will be sold in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and throughout Europe. The price fixed for the market in the Old Continent is 49 euro. For more details you can visit the official website. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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