Improve the performance of your PC: here are 4 useful tips

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When our PCs show sudden and – to the less experienced eye – unexpected signs of slowing down, failing to identify the cause, we often tend to attribute them to too many years or excessive use. In fact, there are some things to consider before thinking that your device is obsolete and buying a new one. There are a few simple rules to follow all year round to keep performance at peak performance. For this reason, Kingston Technology, a global leader in memory products and technology solutions, spotted 4 advice to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Kingston’s advice: PC cleaning at 360 degrees, a good habit

Lo dirty it is perhaps the main cause of computer slowdowns and damages. Dust clogs the vents, and if the system is left neglected for too long, some components could be damaged, negatively affecting its performance.

The dirtiest parts tend to be the upper and lower sides: these are the points where the dust settles the most. How to do? Just a damp cloth and the dust will be removed quickly.

If, on the other hand, you want to try your hand at deep cleaning and are able to remove the individual components, it may be a good idea to clean them of dust deposits using short bursts of compressed air.

Another enemy of your PC is unused files and data which, just like dust, lurks in your computer’s memory. An optimal way to clean the PC components of junk data is to remove all files that are no longer used.

Or save them to an external storage solution, such as SSD XS200 di Kingston Technology. Thanks to their compliance with the IP55 protection class, they are resistant to water and dust. This solution allows you to free up large amounts of space on your PC and make your computer run faster and avoid overloading it.

I consigli di Kingston: Upgrade it, don’t replace it!

At some point in its life, your computer or laptop may be subjected to significant slowdowns and performance issues, often leaving us wondering what to do. How to do? Instead of buying a new computer, it may be more cost-effective to evaluate other solutions to increase and expand the performance of your PC.

An increase in memory and computer storage, for example, represents a useful way to revive a slow and therefore underperforming computer. Expanding memory allows a slow computer to multitask faster, while also being more responsive.

That of storage, on the other hand, guarantees more space for files and applications, giving your old PCs a new shine and increasing their performance. Regardless of whether you decide to upgrade memory or storage, your PC’s performance will experience a substantial performance boost.

CPU: the brain of your PC, the most important but also the most sensitive component

The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of your PC. Indeed, the CPU it sends signals to computer components, as well as processes instructions sent by system software and is probably one of the most sensitive components inside your computer, and for this reason it is essential to protect it. Often, however, it is not considered as a cause of PC slowdowns.

What to do to better protect it and prevent it from being damaged? The CPU is one of the most heat sensitive components. For this reason, to keep it at its best performance, the cooling down Air blowing is a simple method of heat dissipation but can be extremely effective and easy to install.

The system consists of two parts: a heat sink and a fan. Air-cooled systems require much less maintenance, as once the system is set up you only need to de-dust your PC about once every two months.

Backup, always a good idea

Finally, among the recommended practices to preserve your PC there is undoubtedly the backup. It’s a simple, yet often overlooked process that saves you significant amounts of time and money should your PC experience problems. Prioritizing backups by dedicating the necessary time to copying memories and storage often proves to be the right strategy for protecting data and preventing loss and theft. Overall, this is a good habit; especially if you work with a lot of personal or business information that is sensitive in nature.

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