Improving WiFi, D-Link explains 4 tools for a better connection

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A fast and stable connection in the home becomes more and more necessary. Not only for those who want to stream content and play, but also for those who need to work and study in a hybrid way, even from home. Because of this D-Link has communicated 4 ways to improve your WiFi at home.

D-Link, four ways to improve home WiFi

A recent Eurostat report reveals that families with Internet access in Europe are 92%, about 20 percentage points more than in 2011 (72%). In Italy, fast NGA broadband coverage covers 93% of households. Who spend on average 3 hours and 37 minutes a day on smartphone, tablets and computers and an average of 1 hour and 21 minutes per day to watch online services. In short: a quality connection has an important impact on the whole country system.

Investing to improve your connection is therefore essential. D-Link has therefore tried to give some advice to speed up home connectivity, if you like improve the connection to streaming services or to the office management system.

How to speed up the network

A first step in improving your connectivity is to rely on the latest connectivity standards. The WiFi 6 it has four times the capacity, allowing you to connect multiple devices at the same time. Smart routers such as those of the series Eagle Pro AI on D-Link they use routers and mesh systems that use artificial intelligence to cover the whole house with Wi-Fi 6.

A mesh system allows you to reach all corners of the house with a single connection, without any dead center or network interruption. Technologies such as AI WiFi Optimize connect the various devices in your home to the best WiFi channel, so that your videocall does not interfere with streaming in 4K on the TV and vice versa.

Also important is the access management, for safe and simple navigation. Eagle Pro AI devices have a handy app that analyzes the network and reports on accesses. You can even use Google Assistant e Amazon Alexa for voice control. And thus activate parental control, or block unauthorized devices.

Finally, if to increase security it is better to upgrade the router and choose one with the new standard of integrated WPA3 security. This way your connections remain safe from any attacks.

Upgrading your modem may be an initial expense to ‘digest’, but finding a winning home WiFi solution pays off in the long run. Find all the information you need to do this on the D-Link website.

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