In 2024 iPad Pro may have an OLED display

Nel 2024 iPad Pro potrebbe avere un display OLED thumbnail

Indiscretions along the supply chain of Apple report a novelty: the company would be working on some iPad Pro con display OLED. But the technology shouldn’t arrive before 2024, provided by LG (which has already built iPhone screens for Apple). The transition, however, is not yet clear.

iPad Pro OLED in 2024, the Apple changes displa

Past iterations of the iPad Pro had panels IPS LCD, illuminated by classic LED panels. The result was still excellent, but comparing the display side by side with that of the current generation, the difference is visible even to the less experienced eyes. In fact now the I.PS LCDs are illuminated by microLEDs. Simplifying the concept, there are more LEDs that illuminate the screen more accurately. The black is deeper, the contrast is greater.

In the long run, it seems Apple wants focus on microLED technology, although it seems unclear when this technology could arrive on the iPad and Apple Watch. And it could take years before you can find it on MacBooks.

For this reason, there are some analysts who believe that Apple wants to switch from LCD screens with microLED lighting to YOU ARE, to then get to the “pure microLED” only later, when the technology is mature. The company already uses l’OLED per iPhone e Apple Watch, with LG as a reliable supplier.

According to the Korean site The Elec, LG would already be working on the panel from 12.9 polled OLED for an iPad (which should be Pro). The decision to work with LG seems to come after a 10.86 Samsung OLED screen for another iPad failed. Production it should start between 2023 and 2024.

In these early stages of production, there is no certainty. But it looks like Apple is working to make us enjoy Ted Lasso’s vision on our iPad even more.